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1/32 Avro 504 scratchbuild

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I have the turtledeck on the rear fuselage now.



I have had an idea for engine turning for some time and decided to try it.  I used a Dremel drill press accessory and mounted a 1/8" chainsaw sharpening stone.  This stone is 1/8" diameter and has a flat end.  I'm doing the engine turning on aluminum HVAC tape which will eventually go on the firewall of the 504.  Underneath the aluminum tape is a bicycle tire inner tube stretched over a small plate.  The inner tube 'gives' and yields more even impressions in the alum tape.  I also clamped a piece of wood on the drill press base to use as a guide to get the rows straight, moving it to start a new row of impressions.










The impressions are a little larger than I wanted (4" diam in scale), but I think they look good.  Being on the firewall, they won't be front and center, but the process has been proven.  Next time, I will use my mill with the X-Y table to get more precise positioning of the impressions.  I'm happy with the results considering the amount of effort and time expended.


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I don't think I burned through the tape, and its going on a flat surface (the firewall), so I don't have concerns at this point.  The texture should hold up well.  Guess I should peel off a part of it and see what happens.  This tape has very strong adhesive, so I won't have to burnish it - just press it down.  We'll see!

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Time for an update.


Some work on the fuselage.  Test fit of the wooden panels on the top.  Woodgrain done with oil paints.



Pre shading the fuse.






Working on the cowling.  Used Bondo auto body putty for the top of the cowling.








Also working on the landing gear.




And the 'toothpick'.




I usually skip around in the build to keep interested and motivated.

Thanks for looking in on this build.


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Another update on fiddly details.


Mock up of landing gear.








Work on the 'toothpick' mounting points, before painting.  I used PE turnbuckles for some of the cable mounting points.






I have some color on the cowling.  I'm waiting a few days before clear coating.



Thanks for looking on on this project.  


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Just a short update.

I've installed the aluminum panels on the bottom of the fuse and done some weathering.  The aileron cable system is on the exterior of the wings, so they protrude from the bottom.






While awaiting for some paint to arrive, I've done some work on the struts and cabanes.  These are wood and will be stained and will have brass ferrules on the ends (painted black).




Thanks for looking in on this project.


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