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1/32 Avro 504 scratchbuild

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Starting my 4th scratchbuild - a 1/32 Avro 504.  I have chosen to build one of the early 504s, specifically, one piloted by CW Wilson when his observer shot down a German Taube to claim the RFC's first air to air victory.  Here is a picture of an existing 504 similar to the one I will be building.




I have started with a Taurus Oberursel U.0 converted to a Gnome Lambda.  A simple conversion as the bolt pattern on the front of the engine needs to be changed.









The engine is larger than that of my reference drawings, so I will need to enlarge the front of the fuse slightly.  I have also started on the cowling, which I have made on my lathe.  From this, I can start the fuselage.

This is the first setup where the inside is machined out.



Here is the second setup where I have hand filed the outside shape.  Took a couple of hours.


I have also started on the wings, which will be made a different way than previous builds.  Here I am building up the wing instead of making a solid one.

First, I cut out the top and bottom wing sheets from 0.020" styrene.  I have glued a leading edge spar and a mid-wing spar in place with blocks for the struts to be mounted into.



Next I glued to trailing edges together.



Then applied glue to the tops of the spars and applied pressure at the trailing and leading edges while bending the wing over a piece under the mid-wing position to give the wing some camber.




This pic shows the shape that I can get.  This is from an experiment I did to test the process.




Next I will be applying a 0.010" skin on top of the wing with the rib detail embossed in it.  I embossed the rib pattern by pressing a drafting pen onto the sheet with a rubber piece under it to allow the embossing to occur.




I am in the process of working on the wings at the moment, with the fuse to follow at some point.


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