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My first double build - Calling them DONE - Pic’s in RFI

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I don’t normally start kits while I have others on the go, but my revell Mustang has an enamel gloss black base coat curing, slowly. I need to fill the few days void.


In a couple of other threads, I reference my awesome wife who lets me spend money on models if we have a bit spare. We were flicking through some pictures of “pretty” (her term) F-16’s.


Not being able to tie it down to a single favourite, she took the unprecedented step of buying these...




The first, as you can see will be adorned in the truly spectacular ‘Zeus’ scheme from the HAF.



The second one, is equally spectacular. The 18th Aggressor Squadron from Eielson AFB. Alaska provide me with one of the coolest splinter schemes I’ve seen. 


Now you can imagine my quandary, and why Mrs Stokey Pete said “why not build them both then?”


They'll be pretty much OOB builds, with exception of the CFT tanks and parabrake parts (generously donated by @Kagemusha) for the Greek jet. I’m allowing a little artistic licence with regard the particular blocks and bits that don’t come with the kits. Having spent handsomely already, I didn’t want to push my luck by asking for intake and exhaust conversions. 

Stay tuned for the opening salvos once I’ve worked out my build sequences. 

Pic’s grabbed from Pinterest, no copyright information to allow credits to photographers.

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12 minutes ago, Kagemusha said:

Interesting load out on the Aggressor. Looks like you have summer all mapped out.


I'm going to the post office tomorrow, so you should get the stuff in a day or two. 

Thanks again.


As for my summer....finishing summer 2021 perhaps :lol:

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First thing I thought of (I know, I'm a simple man) when I saw the Zeus art was Samuel L Jackson's line  in Die Hard 2....Jesus?! Jesus?!  Do I look Puert rican to you?! He said "Hey Zeus as in the god of thunder, dont F*** with me or I'll jam a lightning bolt up your a** Zeus!!"

Sorry...but yup, that's what I though of. 

Great idea for a build though!!

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4 hours ago, periklis_sale said:

A word.of advise my friend 

The masks for the Zeus are made for the academy f-16 so they dont fit 100% on the tamiya f-16

I had to use quite a bit of masking tape 

If you have time watch my video below



Thanks for the warning, I did wonder about their fit. It was your videos that made me decide I wanted to do this scheme. You made and awesome job and I hope mine comes out even half as well, I’ll be a happy chap. 

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3 minutes ago, mozart said:

In flight is always good Pete! The second Harvard that I built is in flight and it catches my eye every time I walk past it, planes as they are meant to be! 

That was my thinking, especially with such attractive paintwork to show off to it’s full potential.

In reality, the decision has been made for me anyway, owing to remaining space in the display unit vs amount of kits left to build. 
It speeds up the project somewhat also, which will impress my wife when the stash gets smaller. :lol:

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So it begins, an epic summer of being buried under Tamiya plastic. 
With me building them ‘gear up’, I’m using the bare minimum of parts that allow me to build it with everything aligned and largely filler free. There will be a whole heap of spares going at the end of this. Gear parts, wheel bay parts, weapons, engine parts, engine trolleys, ladders, and decals. 

For now, my immediate future has me trimming, sanding and constructing these stacks. Both engines and the rear fuselage sections that shrouds them.



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