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1/18 Focke-Wulf Fw190C V18 'Känguruh'


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On 4/10/2020 at 12:35 AM, airscale said:


I have just bought the Hobbyboss 1/18 A8 from which two good things will come... one, it has a tail I now need as I have tortured mine, and it has a cockpit I can base an airscale upgrade set on...




Very glad to hear this!

What do you think of the HB surface detail vs. your D-9 version?

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afternoon ladies :)

I trust you are all safe and well


On 4/11/2020 at 9:11 PM, LSP_Ray said:

Very glad to hear this!

What do you think of the HB surface detail vs. your D-9 version?



Hi Ray - it's chalk & cheese actually - the D9 has big trenches & no rivets but the HB kit has a quite quite subtle surface finish with delicate panels & recessed rivets (or raised fasteners)


Bit of an issue with the cockpit as normally I make airscale sets to fit the kit parts once they are sanded blank, but first impressions of the HB kit are that the overall shapes are bad so I think it would be quite a bit of rework to make it accurate - will see as I get stuck into it...


so it's been a bitty few weeks, with a LOT of learning about this airframe I should have done before I stormed in cutting things up... hey ho, we live and learn...


lets start where we left off, which was the chin airscoop - this is the resin part as it cae out of the mould -very rough & ready but all it needs to impart are basic shapes..




..I dremmeled out the innards and used fuse wire to get the profile to make a radiator part..




..as I will never get in here once fitted, I skinned the inside and built a radiator front - mainly speculative as I have no pics of this area at all, just a drawing showing how far back it is set..




..also skinned the bottom of the fuselage where the scoop mounts - the flanges will be rolled into it to fair in the shape once fitted..




..all fitted...




however, this is where things started to really unravel...


..in looking more, and learning more, including chatting with Arthur Bentley it seems the V18 had a very different nose to the D9 or D13... for one the engine thrustline is 110mm above the datum vs 70mm for a D model, the cowl diameter is 1200mm vs the 1100mm I had for the D9 so the upshot is the nose is all wrong.... lol...not..


..the first inkling of a problem was when I saw the dotted outline on Arthurs plans for the 1200mm cowl..




..after chatting he also sent me this original FW Project drawing that was submitted to the RLM which while it shows an early version of the supercharger fitting, it does show the much higher upper nose line (almost parallel to the datum unlike the sloping D9 / D13)... the other section drawing out there was done post war - this is the real deal..




..I also used photo's to determine things like cowl flap position as these are not on the drawings - an average was taken from three side shots as there are no perfect side on views..




..the drawing was then imported into Rhino and the 3D modelling started..




..the cowl flaps are just dummies to help my orientation, but the other parts will be 3D printed to get this bit right for skinning later on..




.. I had a notion that I might be able to graft the new nose onto the Hobbyboss 1/18 kit as that is an A8 and the V18 was derived from an A1 (rear fuselage - thanks Roger) so it made sense to maybe start with an earlier model standard airframe than the chopped up D9 I currently have


I put up an unboxing video anyone can access with a walk through the bits and impressions on the kit if you are interested :)


so there we are - fools rush in, I have learned a lot, I have had to adapt and I have wasted some time - but it is interesting and challenging unwrapping an enigma as compared to the P51 where I literally pulled up any drawing of any part of the airframe


...next time I should have made a start on doing things as they should have been done









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1 hour ago, airscale said:


Hi Ray - it's chalk & cheese actually - the D9 has big trenches & no rivets but the HB kit has a quite quite subtle surface finish with delicate panels & recessed rivets (or raised fasteners)


I put up an unboxing video anyone can access with a walk through the bits and impressions on the kit if you are interested :)




That was pretty much my assessment, Peter, the exterior engraved detailing looking pretty good, but the cockpit and other interior detail woeful. 

Watched your video, too, and sorry to see the shape problems with rear fuselage/tail. :(  Will have to take a look and see if it is fixable when I do mine.

Looks like you have a plan of attack on the V-18 at least!

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evening ladies :)


I trust all are safe & well in these troubled times..


Lockdown has advantages in that between emails & conference calls, I get to do some proper work...


first up, the nose needed correcting, so I worked out where the nose starts to curve in under the cowl flaps and would meet the 3D printed part and got ready to cut it off - I struggled for a while to get an even cut line until I landed on an elastic band around the nose to mark it out..




..then the nose was cut off and a disc of the same diameter as the new cowl added & faired into..




..this was then prepped & primed..




..also sorted the tail out by fixing it, correcting the shape and adding the fairlead housing at the tip..




..moving to the wings, I decided to use the Hobbyboss kit wings but the outline around the aileron is out so this needed correcting..




..the edge was scraped (like joggling) to let in a bit of litho to the correct profile..




..a mainspar of the correct dihedral was added (the kit is out a bit), and two spigots added for the landing gear - these are just CA'd to rudimentary mounts..






..the spigots are smaller thyan I usually do as I want to be able to have flexibility when I mount the legs later on for all the odd angles the 190 gear is at, so they were ground with some serrations so the JB weld I will use will have a key when I slide a wider gear leg tube over it later...




..the moulded kit wheel wells were chopped out and the edges thinned...




..the basic gear well was refined by cutting the skin back to the main spar and the forward bulkheads and lining them and the roof with thick card..




..the kit wings are all wrong where they meet the fuselage, HB have this as flat whereas there is a curved under fuselage section and the wings fair into the fuselage higher than just the bottom of the fuselage - a lot of work went into correcting this..






..I also added brass fillet outlines as a hard point of reference and to give structural rigidity..




..still work to do, but it's getting closer..




..the 3D cowl arrived today (thanks Tim!), along with the backplate, spinner, radiator & prop boss..




..and the form of the airframe starts to emerge..










thats it for now..






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Great work..i follow your builds with great interest.. A quick and dirty way of getting a straight line around an object is to get a bit of thin card about 25mm wide or so, with one perfectly straight edge  and cut it to min 50mm longer than the outside dimension of the thing you need to cut off. Then put the strip around the piece quite snugly, and overlap the 50mm and align the straight edge. you will then have a pretty straight line around the circumference...its reusable..

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thank you folks and hello again :)


bit more 190 stuff over the weekend..


starting to redo the chin intake.. again, I use foil tape to build on so it can be broken off for casting later - I cut formers from card and filled in the body with balsa to save filler..




..the shape was refined until I was happy..




..then it was broken off and a two part mould made (a very crap one as it just needs the rough shape..)




I skinned the airscoop roof and added some random gubbins for the back of the engine for now so it's not a big empty hole..




..in terms of the radiator inside the scoop, there is very little to go on - this picture is the V18 Arthur tells me not the V13 it is captioned as being so in here we can see what looks like a round device (like a turbo intake) sat in the middle of the radiator, with some big pipes out the back, so I deduced the radiator from the front must have some sort of circular inlet..


I can also just see what I think is a light, round smudge if you look down the throat of the chin scoop in the only front view I have..




..with that in mind, I cast a new scoop from resin, hollowed it out, skinned it in litho on the inside and built a representative radiator front.. - I guess my guess is as good as anybodys until pics or documents turn up..




..with the scoop fitted..




..the next major headache was the big under fuselage airscoop - I took the photo's I had and determined as much as I could about the shape - once happy (& this took one whole day to work out..) I made a former skeleton, again with black outlines to see where to sand filler to..








..I spent a while photographing & compositing the model and the parts to make sure it is as near as I can get it - here the skeleton can be seen composited with a photo from the same angle..




..filled with balsa first, before filling with P40..




..and after filling & sanding..




..the top of the whole unit is rounded at the edges where it meets the fuselage, in this pic you might be able to see the reflection of the rounded edge - what i mean is it is not a perpendicular panel to the fuselage bottom...




..so the top was rounded and the profile worked all the way down to the exit pipe area at the rear.. the unit was sat back on the foiled fuselage so I could add the filler and still have the right contour..




..it's pretty hard to photograph, but the form is getting closer...




thats it for now











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