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1/32 Mirage F.1C


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Hi guys,


Very strange too almost never be at home, and now with the current situation and a lockdown enforced, I have to keep myself busy. A friend of mine wanted to test different printing styles on his home 3D printer a while ago, and asked me for a challenge. So I said a 1/32 Mirage F.1C would be nice, thinking he would not be able to pull it off...lol. Well, he delivered a 1/32 F.1C as best a basic 3D printer can. Oh boy, it's rough, it'll make a blind man cry, but I like a challenge. Even more when it's an aircraft I have a great passion for. A ton of filler and layers of primer later, Started scribing panel lines, and she's starting to look the part :)













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1 hour ago, Kagemusha said:


Me too!


ps. are you still working on the Buccaneer?

Hey there! 

It's been a while, since I have any updates for you guys, regarding my 32 scaler Bucc Kit. I haven't done much, since things got bmvery busy for me, making scratch built models for customers. I have 4 on my workbench at the moment. Here in South Africa, we are also on a 3 week lockdown, and I hope to get these projects nearer to completion soon, so that I can get back into the Bucc.

I will deffs keep you updated, however, there is a TONNE of stuff to do! 


See ya real soon


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Thanks for the kind words, guys :)

The F.1C is quite an iconic fighter, and I really would like to capture this as best I can.


6 hours ago, Cheetah11 said:

Nice one John. Are you planning to produce a kit ?



Thanks Nick, I have been contemplating it, and it would be quite an amount of time and resources required for such an ambitious venture. My biggest concern is interest in a multimedia kit like this. I see a couple of guys would like a 1/32 F.1C :), but it certainly won't be injection molded. I do have the time now to work on it, considering the lockdown. Worst case scenario, it will be a once-off.

I'll post some more pics as I progress.




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A consortium of Italian modellers released a multi media 1/32 Fiat G. 91 a couple of years ago, think the price was about €180, don't think they had a problem selling them. 


If a kit were to include SAAF, French, and Spanish decals, where there is a healthy modelling community, it would certainly help potential sales. 

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