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HK Lancaster , The Dambuster version

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Ok so some of you may know, I had every intention of producing a HPH Catalina in respect of this GB, and I must be completely honest, of late, I had felt a little burnt out with modelling, that and other "real life" projects getting in the way of any spare time.


That said, I am now coming out to play but for various reasons I cannot do the Catalina as intended, (bearing in mind the 32 Sig table theme for Telford was Navy) I have now committed to producing the HK version of the Dambuster Lanc which Neil at HK has graciously made available for my to build in time for Telford. 


I now have approaching 5 months rather than the 5 weeks I had last year so hopefully I can 1. produce some sort of WIP as required by this GB, 2, savour a little more of  the engineering involved in this kit and 3. produce something resembling the famous aircraft. 


OK so, the kit goes without saying, It is HK's brand new not quite to market yet, Dambuster. I will be adding only Petes Airscale panel set and replacing the kit guns withe the set from master barrels. 
















Started the Airscale panels a while ago as a "standalone" model before even the Dambuster hoved into view. This is where I am at the start. 




So hopefully I can build and post as I have a very poor track record of WIP builds. 


Tons of Plastic. A full lancaster with the addition of the upkeep mine and launch mechanism, a second addendum to the instruction booklet and a set of decals representing Guy Gibsons famous special 464 Lancaster. 


Here goes nothing! 



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Posted (edited)

Ok you guys... move your chairs over a bit? I’m sliding in here...hold my beer a minute while I get comfy.

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There has been some glacial progress on this but I thought as its mostly cockpit work I would wait until its nearly together as I feel I would be repeating many of the other builds, i will however concentrate on the upkeep mine carrier and mods when I get round to them. 


Photos to follow 

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