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I have been planning on my next project and here it is.


Tigger Models Vacuform Banshee.






I have built only one complete vacform model in the past and that was 20 years ago. I have already begun so lets dive in. I have already separated the parts from the backing sheet and sanded them down to their final form. My method of building will be to cut out a 40 thou spine that I will glue the fuselage halves to. In addition I have cutout and bolted on 2 thin wood stiffeners for added strength and rigidity. I have already made some cutouts for the cockpit and nose gear bay.




Here are the wheels, from my spares box, and a scratchbulit nose gear bay.




And a basic cockpit shell. Much work to do on this, but you have to start somewhere.




Later, Dan

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Guns.  The gun troughs are quite prominent so I am improving these features. Really not a good way to reproduce these on a vac kit so some improvements.






And some internal items added. 





Vac on!



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Just a little preliminary work on the wings.I have cut out some sheet plastic blanks that were transferred from my plans. The shape of the kit parts and the blanks based on the drawings don't match. So I will have to sort out which is closer to actual.


Anyway you can also see that I have cut a slot into the side of the fuselage. This will allow for a wooden support to pass through the fuselage and into the wings.




Kinda looks like a Banshee.



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On 3/8/2019 at 10:22 AM, Out2gtcha said:

Nice Dan!  Maybe I can take a lesson or two away...............havnt attempted a vac yet. 


I am quite sure  the lesson will be......run away fast.


Vacs are a bit of work, but if you like to build something  different.....

Whatcha gonna do?



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11 hours ago, Lee White said:

Cool! Just in case you are curious as to how this kit looks when finished..........




Thanks Lee, some good  stuff in there.


I will be adding wingtip tanks and probably painting  it in a grey and white scheme.



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Ok progress...


The upper surface of the wings have been glued to the wing blank. You can see where I changed the leading edge contour, just look for the Bondo.






A few drawn in panel lines to see how the wing will look.




Underside, there will be a lot going on here as I plan to have the flaps deployed.




Tail planes.




Wooden wing support. Lots of work to be done here.




Vertical tail.




Later, Dan

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Minor and major progress.


Major, I glued in the wing support and also added a cross piece so it lined up level and wouldn't move.




Minor, I have cut down the side consoles. They sat too high. I have added the new wider side consoles. Lots still to do here.





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