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Swiss F-5E

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Here are some pictures of my recently finished Kittyhawk F-5E in Swiss markings. Despite the shortcomings that have been mentioned about the kit, I enjoyed the build and would call it a good kit overall. I will be building more of Kittyhawk's F-5's in the future. The model was build straight from the box, with LED's added to the landing lights and Swiss decals and masks that I drew using the Matterhorn Circle 1/48 F-5 decals as a guide. Thanks for looking!













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2 hours ago, themongoose said:

This is sweet. I’ll be watching for more! You didn’t happen to do a wip thread did you?


No work in progress on this one. All in all a very straight forward build though. Besides fixing the right side console in the cockpit, I added some detail inside of the aux air inlets so you can't see through the fuselage. Other than that, just minor gaps in a couple of spots.


Thanks for all the nice comments everyone!

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Congratulations Brenhen!


Everything I like; good paint, smoth waithering This F-5 looks really realistic.


Well done



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On 2/6/2019 at 10:52 AM, chuck540z3 said:

Great job!  Your gun door fit is really well done.  I'm building the same kit, so I know most of the challenges and that's a big one.





Thanks Chuck! One side of the gun bay doors fit fairly well, the other was way off and required some work. I used some of your tips from your early F-5 posts as I was building mine. I'm really looking forward to watching yours progress.


10 hours ago, clarkis said:

is that the kit-supplied cockpit? Sweet! Clark  :clap2:


Thanks Clark. Yes, it is the kit cockpit. While it lacks some accuracy and has an issue with its depth, the cockpit looks fairly good when painted. Especially if you put the pilot in to hide the depth issue.

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