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  1. Nice! Great model and pictures. MARABU? I remember some very very old modeling colors from that brand.
  2. Great model indeed! I've been lucky to take photos of the "Fox" at the Trident Juncture NATO exercise in Spain on 2015. Mike, I've a suggestion, not exactly a critique: I would have given a greater angle at the speedbrakes. Just check some photos on the web, It's up to you, but I think you could fix it easily.
  3. Great service indeed!!! Sophia replied very fast for a solution.
  4. Eventually I've sent an email to Sophia, she replied in very few hours and great assistance indeed!!!
  5. Hi all! Hoping to have a response on your experience: I have a KH F-86K 1/32 and want to modify in a F-86L (short fuselage, extended wings) but a single spare tree from F-86D Kitty Hawk kit would be enough for the purpose (short fuselage and rocket tray). I wonder if Kitty Hawk could provide the spare tree and I would ask them. So, please, can you suggest the contact on ebay or the email on the top of the topic could be useful as well? Thank you in advance
  6. My F-86K in 1/72 from the very old (1975) Airfix F-86D. It is quite simple and not so precise, because I intended it as a sort of testbed for the bigger 1/32. In this case I added the fuselage extention.
  7. Erik, the F-86's lovers community thank you so much!! Never seen such a comprehensive knowledge and representation about any type of aircraft! You are the gift from God to the F-86 enthusiasts! I made the opposite conversion, starting from a "D" into a Italian "K", but in 1/72. With such a great documentation, I do believe can start a KH F-86 soon. Hope to be able to post the WIP, in the meanwhile I continue to follow Tinbanger's WIP. Thank you so much!
  8. Thanks to Tinbanger for this interesting WIP, l like so much the F-86D/K and the KH is pretty good. A question to Airfixer: besides an ItAF F-86K I'd like to build also a more colorful USAF model, is it still possible to do with the Kilo KH kit? I looked to the Curtis's book but not sure to find something convenient. Thanks
  9. Great built Airtourer! Like a lot the log, very comprehensive indeed.
  10. Very much appreciated comments. The Macchi's are very beautiful planes and large scale is a joy to work with. The PCM takes a long time to be built, otherwise I would make more and more. Thanks to all
  11. Hi friends, I came back to modeling after several years and I started again with a large scale aircraft, quite a new experience for me in the very recent years. This PCM 1/32 C.205 has been completed OOB months ago, I must say it is a really difficult kit to assemble but a total amusement! For my next Large Scale kit you have to wait for a long time, but I want introduce this Macchi to all of you, just days after my registration on LSP. Unfortunately, taking the pictures, I didn't realize the right wheel turned up with the flattened side not touching the terrain.
  12. Good news! I've received by mail the receipt of my order at Midland, dated 05 jan, with the confirmation of the total payment, stating the item will follow when back in stock. Thanks to all
  13. Thanks Steve. I think you are acting as the only contact between us and IanAllan at the moment! I feel to thank you for this and the LSP Staff for hosting such a topic. As a newbie, I hope to be able to post soon in other topic in LSP, more involved with modelling. Regards to all from Italy.
  14. First of all I've to apologize if this is my first post in LSP, I've been lurked for months and I appreciate very much indeed. I've put my order last 2nd january, my paypal debited for 36,37 GBP and sent already two messages to IanAllan without any reply. Now I realize that my situation is common to other people around the world and, hopefully, I've found some replies in this topic in LSP that seem to explain what is going to happen. But till now, I've not received any answer from IanAllan and I wonder whether or not the news from "fightersweep" is to be considered a sort of "ufficial" reply from them to all customers. I would be trustfull... I believe that the book is worth its value, but I can't say the same, because till now I've already paid for nothing.
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