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  1. Dear all, I'm back from my busyness trip. While I am waiting for additional documentation for the cameras bays, I worked on the wing compartment. See you very soon for next update Eric
  2. Hi Ben! Outstanding work you have done here! Simply fantastic. Cheers Eric
  3. Hi everyone, Thanks to all of you for your supportive comments. I made today the rest of the main structure of camera bays. I will have another break next week before I come back for detailing work.
  4. Hi, The Station 1 is done and ready for detailing
  5. Thanks a lot. I appreciate. Eric
  6. Hey, This evening I have started to "fill the gaps". After having taken this challenging decision, I feel more comfortable now. Honestly, when you start to drill the fuselage, you only hope that you thought about everything before on how to challenge the scratch built after. Thanks Ben for having pushed me on that way. I will probably open the door of the station 4 ; the aft one here below. Cheers Eric
  7. Thanks Ben ! As you can see, my decision is taken. I will detail the stations 3 and 4 with one door open on one side. The station 1 ( Fwd Rh side ) will be left closed. Stay tuned Eric
  8. Today I modified the shape of the fuselage I will come back later for the finishing work.
  9. Hello Jackman, You are right. To be honest I processed before taking my decision. The option to instal the cameras needs to detail all the interior because the windows are large. Painting the interior in black would not have been sufficient. The depth of the resin is very variable in these compartments and I afraid that it could have been visible. Due to the very difficult accessibility to work on it, I decided that I will paint the inside surface of the widows in black. Eric
  10. Hi everyone, After a break, I am back with an update of this build. All the fuselages of the three birds are assembled now The one requiring the most work is obviously this RF-8. This aircraft has really beautiful lines. After having checked and checked again the pics of the real thing, I have found that the top of the fuselage is too flat to my opinion. This is confirmed by the shape of the canopy which is too flat too compared to Trumpeter one as we have already seen. Here is a profile view showing the top part of the fuselage. I will correct the wing profile on the fuselage that is reveled to be a bit wrong actually as I made it. Bye for now
  11. Hi fellows, The fighter versions of the Crusader are back. I have been mainly working on the Recce version so far to have the same level of progress as the fighter versions. Today I show how to easily attach the engine assembly in the fuselage and how to avoid an issue. If we strictly follow how the Aires kit had been design, it appears that the engine exhaust is out of the fuselage by around 2 mm. To correct it, this is here below how to proceed: 1- Reduce the diameter of the shoulder as show 2- Next, make a chamfer of the engine kit and on the resin too. It permits to move forward the after burner canal and to position the shoulder right inside the kit bulkhead. The result is that it is automatically centered in the fuselage. The final result here below Bye Eric
  12. Hi ! A big jump ahead tonight! The speed brake compartment is done and ready to be detailed. The main shell well is attached to an alf fuselage. It is painted and gloss varnishe only. Stay tuned Cheers Eric
  13. Here is the speed brake in its final shape
  14. Since I modified the shape of the speed brake box, I had also fo correct my template. I used the resin part that I previously cut and I adjusted it to the fuselage. Ten after, I cut the speed brake in an aluminium sheet that will be detailed with Evergreen. Some surface irregularities will disappear below coats of Surfacer. Bye for now Eric
  15. Hi everyone, Thanks for following my adventure on this RF-8G. After double checking the photos references, I discovered that the shape of the air brake was not exactly as the real thing. Now, I have to modify the template of the air breake accordingly. So, a bit of Evergreen and a strong cyano and here is the result here below:
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