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  1. Hi everyone, I am back after a short break with the arresting hook bay. I did not detailed too much this area since most of the details disappear in the end.
  2. Hi everyone, The main work on the wing is done. The alignment of the slats is not easy. It requires a lot of successive dry fit and corrections. The wing box main structure is done as well. I am going to paint it first before doing the plumbing. I am doing this way instead of attaching all the hydraulics, pneumatic and electric lines first and painting the whole work in the end. For sure, doing that way some areas would not be accessible to the paint spray. The elevators received a stiffener plate on the fairing area. The overall shapes of this beautiful bird are rev
  3. Hi fellows, There are the first pictures of the test shot of the twin seater. This is a mix of both versions, so disregard some discrepancies like the Pitot for the D version. The same for the underside fuselage flare dispenser which is not mounted neither on the D nor on the N version.
  4. I have started to assemble the flaps.
  5. Hi everyone, I took few minutes to assemble the upper and lower part of the fuselage to check the fitting of these exhausts and I do confirm that they are drop and fit. They are just a little bit smaller in diameter as the real one are. Just perfect. Eric
  6. Hi, After a quick check on the upper side of the fuselage it seams to be drop and fit. I will check it again accurately and I will update this post accordingly. Eric
  7. Small update with the left slats glued in place.
  8. Thanks a lot Squizzy. Honestly, I can't wait too. I will face then some issues with the stencils. Most of then are missing at the moment for the deco I have chosen.
  9. We have 3 kits actually: - This one with the pair of full after burner and the opened exhausts - The opened exhausts alone - The closed exhausts alone The real thing is much beautiful than that we can see on the pics. Eric
  10. Hi everyone, I have just received this absolutely amazing exhausts for the Tamiya F-15 designed and 3D printed in South Korea. Pictures are much better than a long talk. Enjoy! They are so thin that they are transparent Cheers, Eric
  11. Hi fellows, First of all, thank you, thank so much for following this build and for all your positive comments. Today, here is the result of two hours and half of work on these two re-inforced ribs. It worth it because these details are part of what we see at first when looking at the wing. Greetings from France Eric
  12. An overview of the fuselage with the evelators just for the photo.
  13. Hi everyone, I am back on the work bench. Some additional details today. I added the stiffener plates we find on the late versions. I rebuilt the single chamber vent for the alternator turbine and environmental cooling system heat exchanger. This single vent appeared on the late versions instead the dual one the early versions. The after burner cooling scoop are in place with much thinner lips. Still of work to do but this project is still going on. Eric
  14. Hi everyone, I have work on the fin. I made the trailing edge as thin as possible, I modified the position of the rudder actuator. The CME are made from the one furnished in the Fisher kit. Just for comparison, we have the non corrected fin of the F-8E on the left Bye Eric
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