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Started on the 9th of December... Every year I try to do a 'clear the bench' build over Christmas, this year it was this one:























Not sure why folks seem to shy-away from the Trumpy 109E kits almost all the completed ones that I have seen here are from the Eduard and Dragon kits. Ahh well... I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of this one. Perfect fit everywhere, lots of detail, excellent etch, decals and phenomenal clear parts. (not so excellent rubber tyres tho'). For a change I broke-out my enamels for the 74/75/76/04 colours, all of which I mixed using my preferred Mk.I eyeball method.  Highly recommend this to anyone contemplating a 1:32 build and perhaps a wee bit put-off by the excessive parts-count and cost of some of the 'uber kits' around just now - I got this off a well-known on-line auction site from a Chinese based seller for just £16.50 !!!!! (that's as good as giving it away) even down here to NZ the postage was just ten-quid.


So here t'is all done only addition is the kit specific Eduard Zoom set which includes the harness too;  And I have to admit that I'm very pleased with it. Please feel free to hurl any criticism, ask any questions or make any comment at all. Thanks for taking the time to look and Happy 2019 to all here.





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13 hours ago, Scale32 said:

You're right, you really don't see many of the Trumpeter early 109 kits built. Maybe we might after people see this well done. Is that a scheme from the box?


Cheers Bevan 


Sort of yes and no, Bevan. I've used almost all of the kit decals, but the 'Wespen' are from a 1:48 Aeromaster sheet for the Bf110 - the kit wasps are far too small.




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Thanks all for the comments, as ever always appreciated and never taken for granted.  Next is a break for summer hols for a couple of weeks, then back with a grey jet - but it will be in 1:48 !!



Best from NZ



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Beautiful build!  To answer your question about why you don't see more, it's a good kit but frustrating as well.  I've built a couple of Trumpeter 109s and while the fit and detail are good they just make some major blunders as well.  The big gaff on their Emil is the cockpit is way off.  A few other less noticeable mistakes as well, it's just too bad they're not more dilligent with their research on all their kits. 


Love what you did with kit though!

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