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  1. I use MicroSol on all my Alclad painted subjects and have had no adverse effects . With and without being sealed. As Dan stated above a sealer is a good.. Cheers, Jerry
  2. K5IKL

    What are the chances?

    Similar thing for me too. Was working on the Revell P-51D and dropped the prop hub which is not very small. Should show up on the carpet pretty easily, but could not find it anywhere. Looked for quite awhile and finally gave up. Later my son came by and I was telling him about it and he helped look too. Then he said "there it is". It had landed on my show wedged between the the tongue of the shoe and my sock. Like you said, what are the chances? Cheers, Jerry
  3. K5IKL

    Revell P-51D canopy

    Odd. Mine fit on perfectly. I had a bit of trouble getting the front wind screen to fit in flush. Cheers, Jerry
  4. K5IKL

    New to Airplane Models...

    I am with Jennings. That is just absolutely mind blowing. I can't add anything else but WOW!!! Welcome to LSP. Jerry
  5. K5IKL

    "They Shall Not Grow Old" - wow!!

    Was wondering the same thing or be available to buy on DVD. Bad head cold, hurting back and left hip kept me from going on the 27th. Cheers, Jerry
  6. K5IKL

    Hasegawa 1/32 Hellcat is out of scale!

    Oh poo poo. Have built 2 of them and totally satisfied with them. I am one who doesn't give a rats patoot if it is a few mm off one way other. Looks like a Hellcat when finished (3 foot rule).
  7. K5IKL

    P-47N wheels

    Thanks Houston. Ordered 2 sets. Be close enough to suit me. LOL Jerry
  8. K5IKL

    P-47N wheels

    I am getting ready to start the Trumpeter P-47N but could find no wheels for it so decided to go with the P-47D wheels which I don't believe are correct for an "N". Would love to have some Harold. By the way, I HATE RUBBER TIRES!!! Jerry
  9. K5IKL


    Maybe back up but it is slower than moleasses in the winter. Takes upwards to 3 minutes for a thread to load. No problem on other forums I am on. Jerry
  10. K5IKL

    ALERT! Anyone heard from or about Paul Fisher?

    About all I can say is Prayers for all those affected by this tragedy. From what I am reading that it is quite a large number of persons and families. Horrific. !!! God be with them all.... Jerry
  11. K5IKL

    P-51 B Mustang III

    Yeah. Typographical error on my part. Meant to use B/C and not II. My fingers have no connection to my old brain.
  12. K5IKL

    P-51 B Mustang III

    Was wondering about the Trumpeter P-51B kits since I had heard so many bad things about them and that they were unbuildable. You have proved they can be built and yours looks awesome. I have both the Mustang B/C and Mustang III so will not hesitate to give them a go. Outstanding job Nic. Cheers, Jerry
  13. K5IKL

    Disappearing membership

    What is that forum for large scale planes (or whatever) based out Europe or the UK? Was on it for awhile and then dropped it. I thought it was Large Scale Modeler (above) but that's not it. Found it. Large Scale Modeller . Needed an extra L in the name. Although there is a Large Scale Modeler forum. Jerry
  14. K5IKL


    Sorry about that Bill, but that's the way I build. Tried to weather stuff over the years but I just don't have the artistic eye for it. I could never get it done to look right or suit me. Therefore all of my builds are going to be clean. Jerry
  15. Finally finished this Revell 1/32 P-51D Mustang of Lt. Arvil Roberson of the 357th Yoxford Boys. Used Eagle Cal decals, Barracuda resin wheels and Radu seat belts. Nice easy build, but due to my slowness took me longer than I wanted. I have the full kit decal sheet minus a few stencils if anyone would like to have it. Jerry