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  1. Recently completed Phantom #19. Tamiya 1/32 F-4J of VF-84 "Da Bones". Used Avionix seats, Rhino Resin wheels, Zotz decals and Eduard cockpit PE for the IP's. Cheers, Jerry
  2. Thanks, will do. That one looks familiar.
  3. Thanks Jennings, but NO I am not on the Blacklist. I had his email address not long ago because I had gotten some A-7D decals from him but guess I deleted it.
  4. Anyone have an email address for Dave at Fine Art of Decals? Tried to send one off his contact info on his site but it just took me to a window for me to set up some kind of email account and jump thru a bunch of hoops. Thanks Jerry
  5. When I was in AF ROTC at New Mexico State field trips to Holloman (60 miles away) were made quite often. On one trip they took us out to the sled track to view the sled. Didn't get to see it run though (darn). That's where I saw the F-104 up close and personal. This was '58 - '60 time frame. Jerry
  6. Welcome aboard from Texas Gianluca. Very nice builds. Wish mine looked liked yours when I was 21. Jerry
  7. Dave Roof of Flying Leatherneck Decals is in Marietta.
  8. Thanks Maru. Much appreciated and warms an old mans heart. Jerry
  9. You are correct. The 50 cal barrels were black. However on the P-47 (at least) the barrel could be covered with a wing gun blast tube which was polished aluminum. Pic below from the P-47 walk around.
  10. Thanks Troy. The one thing I didn't do was glue the prop in place as I am waiting for Harold to release his corrected prop for the "N". Jerry
  11. Latest completion is the Trumpeter 1/32 P-47N Thunderbolt "2 Big and To Heavy/Short Snorter" of 333rd FS/318th FG, April 1945, Le Shima, Ryukyu Islands. Used Zotz Decals, AMS Resin wheels, Master Model gun barrels and Eduard seat belts. Otherwise OOB. Jerry
  12. Yeah, WOW!!! Truly amazing. Now where did I put my knitting needles?
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