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Dragon BF 110 C-7

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The instructions for the C-7 only have placement details for one gear bay. This was corrected on the D/E release so just in case here's a copy.




The end result. 



Jumping to the cockpit, another error I found is the instructions tell you to glue the centre seat mount to the rear of the belly gun support frame (E22 and E19 respectively).


That's incorrect. E19 should be glued to the bottom rear of radio rack E8. You can see the mounting holes just above the floor.



In the same pic, you can see where I've installed D20 on either side of the cutout.

Here's how E19 and E22 should attach to the floor.



From below:



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Well, I managed to get some paint on. I'm using Xtracrylix RLM 76 as I've got it kicking around. 






I then started on the cockpit with RLM 02.




Next up was masking off the radios for a coat of semigloss black. 





That's it for tonight. More tomorrow hopefully.



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Ok, I snuck away from the kids for a moment and got a bit more done.


I finished painting and installed the radio rack. I used a couple of the  radio instrument faces from the Eduuard set.



Next up was the spare ammo cans for the two belly guns. 




Then I installed the gun rack  from below. 





Finally , in place in the cockpit. 



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16 hours ago, dennismcc said:

Great photography, this is building up into a nice instructional thread.





Thanks Dennis! I'll try to point out anything that I find which isn't mentioned elsewhere as far as errors go.


15 hours ago, Scale32 said:

Love the 110 it's a mean looking aircraft. Really nice work so far.


Cheers Bevan 

Thanks Bevan!


13 hours ago, Neo said:

Are the belly guns OOB barrels? They look great

The gun barrels are from Aber.

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A bit more progress today. I got the engines painted and finished their assembly so they're ready for installation into the nacelles. 




Back to the cockpit, I added the Eduard PE bits to the side console. This went better than I had hoped. 




There was another bit of PE to add to the rear gunner's position so I  did that as well.





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Blimey Carl, you don't hang about do you? I haven't seen the Eduard PE stuff fitted before but it looks like a worthwhile investment, though of course like many areas those magnificent rudder pedals won't sadly be visible, but what the heck, we're modellers!! 

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