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  1. What about a Fairey Firefly in 1/24.. in fact it’s a neglected aircraft in ALL scales really.
  2. Photo of the actual aircraft
  3. I’ve had a little bit of a false start with the Bronco and am waiting on some bits to arrive. In the mean time I’ve had a B25 roaming about the work room for a little while. It’s barely started and certainly qualifies for the group build. Here are the photos at the beginning point for the build. The Aussie version is an all metal affair ( never painted a natural metal surface before excepting on large scale motorbikes etc.) and thought that this would be a good challenge. The subject was delivered to Australia early 1945 and was based in Brisbane, QLD. The subject has an extra metal bull
  4. Haven’t quite got the photo thing worked out yet however, a link to Flickr is in the previous post. Shows beginnings of the project ( not the best photos) and original seats, original kit pads and oversized bits cut away, the original patterns for the new pads shown in situ ollowed by resin copies. Fit and look are much better.
  5. OK, Build has begun.. Still not able to upload photos( if anyone has some hints for me about using an IPad to upload photos it’d be greatly appreciated. So where am I: workigon the ejection seats to be precise. I noticed that compared to the references available the the back pad and the seat pad are way over size. I decided to make my own using the ever faithful epoxy to be followed by two resin copies of the remodellled pads. Both are 2 mm shorter than the originals supplied in the kit and should give a better representation of the real thing! The seats themselves required a
  6. Thanks for the heads up on the aftermarket undercarriage. Purchased. Hopefully some photos soon. Using the guide but to no avail at the moment. IPad doesn’t want to upload.
  7. A bit of deliberation and hopefully will build more that one kit during this group build but, going to do a Bronco whilst I wait for a few bits for the Lancaster. A few scratch built items should find their way into this model. Lots of visible stuff in the cockpit area...model not started as yet. Photos to come.
  8. Check their website. It’s a Handley Page 400 for 2019.
  9. It’s worthwhile absorbing this, ‘It’s a 1/32nd scale Lancaster’. We are fortunate to be living in such times.. when I began modelling nearly 50 years, we were building AIRFIX KITS that would barely go together without significant encouragement. I remember mixing my own batches of glue mixed with sprue for filling. How good is this , a 1/32 Lancaster!
  10. Maybe not unaffordable but it’s going to make the WingNut Wings Lancaster a very expensive option for us here in Oz compared to the HK offering if the dollar remains the same. + 28 cents for each dollar and the potential of $50 +tax.Quick calculation I reckon $650 au if the price is the same as the current HK offering. That’s starting to get up there.
  11. $469 in Australia. Free Delivery. Thinking that this is very reasonable given the cost of a WingNut Wings kit in US dollars at the moment with the exchange rate and the newly imposed +10% gst from our government.
  12. Wish I was at the Williamtown Base today. Some magnificent videos of the fly past. There’s a great photo from the underside on Facebook. A lot prettier and non-the- less purposeful in real life than I thought they’d be - magnificent curves. They just look right!
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