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CAC Boomerang A46-217 “Hep Cat” Finished.

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Yep, I'd say you nailed the stance! But you're absolutely right, it can make or break a model. The first thing I often notice about a kit that's "off" is the stance. I was adamant to correct the stance on my HK B-17G kit... oleos too long and the nose too high, makes the whole thing look off, no matter how good the rest of the build is.


Bravo to you, sir, this is an absolutely beautiful build of such a neat little fighter. Looking forward to the finished product!


- Dennis S.

  Thornton, CO USA

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Saw this in the flesh last night at IPMS, Eric has done a wonderful job bringing it to life - plus convincing a few more members of the need to get a Silhouette Cutter!


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Thanks guys.


I have done a small amount of work to the model, mostly doing some changes to two areas where I had some feedback from mates of mine when I took it to a club meeting a few days ago. 


The H in Hepcat was always a touch too thick and was something I was happy to leave alone, but it was something that was pointed out to me as above after he saw it online. I fixed it and am yet to redo the sealing coat of varnish, hence the different sheen on the inside of the H. Thanks Dan!




The port side chipping was also changed a bit, to concentrate it a bit better in one area rather than how I had it. I have blended that area into the rest of the wing root with the lighter shade if green. Cheers Brent!



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A small addition to the kit that I felt added some detail is the prop stencil data. There is none supplied in the kit so I had to turn to aftermarket to source some. Kora make some excellent  decals for this purpose. I was mainly interested in the data decals as the manufacturer logo is not something that Was on the sheet that I had. 




They are a little stark and will need to be toned down a bit with some oils.



The next item that needed attention was the gunsight. The kit resin sight is far too big and I felt this needed replacing. Brengun do a small set of RAF gun sights that feature resin and photo etch with a sheet of clear supplied.




There are three types covered made of two part size each. The kit sight is placed next to them for size comparison.




The Brengun sight is far better detailed and is much more appropriately sized.



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