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Revell Spitfire MKIIa No.41 Squadron RAF

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No.41 Squadron RAF, Summer 1941.

This MKIIa was donated to 41 Squadron by the 1st Canadian Infantry Division.

Pilot:  Pilot Officer Henry Lloyd Maurice Young, RCAF.

KIFA 10/28/1941.


Commonwealth War Graves Commission information:



** I took artistic licence by adding the 4 kills since they made the model look nicer****


build log:























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Thank you all. Your comments are much appreciated.

Wouter. Thanks for the feedback. Point taken. Some pictures of Spits show minimal bare aluminum wear at the port ring root but I found after looking at tons of pictures that even some of the spits with minimal weathering had large amounts of bare aluminum wear on the port side. So, I guess I could have gone either way on this one but chose the heavy wearing path. Just a matter of personal taste I guess. :)

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