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Rick K

Special Hobby Tempest V

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Decal and initial staining has been sealed with gloss varnish.  While the varnish cures on aircraft  I gave Roy's wheels some love with a shot of varnish.  Will pick out details with PLW.


While all things varnish cure I work on bits of landing gear, landing gear doors and even some radiator action.

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On 8/25/2019 at 6:11 PM, Out2gtcha said:

A word of caution though on the MV lenses.....

I've had great luck using their colored lenses but every single clear MV lens I've ever used (and I mean all of them) have turned yellow after a year or two. I'm hoping they have changed their clear formula, but even the older ones in my stock have yellowed.


Brian you gave me enough motivation to cure any yellowing issue with my MV Lens.



A shot of Molotow Liquid Chrome for the fix.



Right after paint the chrome finish is meh.



After paint cure the surface smooths out and the chrome finish is pretty good.

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4 minutes ago, Out2gtcha said:

Cool, have not ever heard of liquid chrome. Where do you get such a thing?

Amazon - Molotow Liquid Chrome


I also have the 1mm marker.  When brush I keep to single brushstroke.  It covers really well.  Airbrush is low PSI for me its about 15psi, no more than 1/2 inch from surface and apply wet.  It levels nicely.


Let cure for at least 24 hours.  I play it safe and let it cure for a few days.


Practice on paint mule.

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Panel Line Wash applied.  Weathering will be kept to a minimum for the following reasons...pick one:

a) Mackies Tempest was delivered May 1945 so it's in pretty clean shape.

b) My weathering skill-sets are not advanced







The cockpit.  Roy's Acemaker II gunsight looks really nice all jammed into the dashboard comb.  Pardon the dust







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Some streaking underneath the radiator.


Some streaking applied.


The landing gear was nothing short of a nightmare.  Every piece did not fit and required a slight trim to fit.  Install parts H22 and H23 after full glue cure add parts I51.

You'll need to trim H22 and H23 to fit on the main gear H11 and H12.



A word of caution.  Be sure to test fit landing gear leg H11 and H12 to determine if cut was necessary, it was for me.



For me in order to get an accurate landing gear rake I glued parts H11 to D4 and H12 to D3.  Once glue cure i will use 15 minute epoxy  to glue landing gear to wheel well.


As the epoxy cures I am constantly adjusting the landing gear rake using the profile drawing from the Valiant Wings Tempest publication.



Tail gear installed as well.  After epoxy cure of 48 hours I'm comfortable enough to get the big Tempest on her legs.  Roy's wheels added with epoxy and given a long cure time.


Color me satisfied with the landing gear rake.



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I agree with R Palimaka on your weathering skills. A great result and lots of useful tips for those of us with one in the stash.



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