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Decided to start woth the engine. Every review says the upper cowlings have a poor fit. So the decision was easy.. build it with the engine displayed.


What comes with the kit with a bit of wring started:




Detail is a bit soft for my liking but paints up nicely and added some more wiring as per some reference photos.







Eduard calls out for the engine silver to be bare metal, but I found a rare period colour photo which looks more light RLM 02 so thats what I went with. The serial number is completly ficticious as I just cobbled it together from spare decals.


Heres the period photo:



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I'm quite a fan of the Eduard 109's Tim!


I've had no real issues with the ones I've built - and with a few tweaks can look superb.


Funnily enough - just acquired another copy of the boxing you've got there - I fancy doing Galland's to go with a signed print I have.




Nice to hear!!

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I've done the 1/48 and 1/32 version of this kit, both in Galland's scheme. The main complaint I had was how they designed the nose. It has a nasty looking seam you have to fill along the bottom. And if you're putting the upper cowling on, it may give you fit issues. It turns out really nice in the end though. I would suggest getting Master gun barrels for it as I knocked the kit ones off several times during the 1/48 build.

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Nice start on a nice kit Tim.  I built this kit a few years ago to resemble Helmut Wick's aircraft circa late October 1940.  I thought it went together nicely, though, like Ian, I did modify the engine and MG Tray assembly a bit to get the cowling to fit well.



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Little more progress: Assemble , painted and weathered the undercarriage.



Will add a pigment wash to higlight the tread methinks.


While I was doing that assembled the Eduard IP.

Pretty simple, just a flat coat on the prepainted eduard followed by some future to bring out the instrument dials. Just added a cable for the revi gunsight from lead wire




And here it is installed into the cockpit.







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