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Good afternoon to you all...I hope all is well in the modelling world!

After a break from this build I now think its time I got back to the task in hand ......and that is to continue with this beast! ;)

It was good to put this B17G down for a bit and have a go at something else but there is so much to do with this project that I am now ready and sort of focused to continue!! :hmmm:

For those of you that have been following this build...(you must all be mad!)...and as a recap..you know that I started with......

Phase 1.....Nose section back to the top turret




Phase 2.....Bomb bay




So now we have nearly half the Fuselage complete.........




...and so its on with phase 3.....the radio room/ball turret station.


As usual its going to take weeks to finish this phase and I will be using the same building method and materials as before...IE  scraps of this and that!. Onto the first photo then..........


Here we have the scaled up 1:20 scale plans pinned to the building board and the red circle shows the area I will be constructing (Radio room) and the blue cross depicts the position of the ball turret......




At first ,my idea was just to build the radio room but for displaying purposes it will be better to tag the ball turret to the rear of the radio room bulk head. I will need to construct "an open top" of the radio room so you can see all the detail...as I did with the cockpit in phase 1...not sure how to do this but will work it out when I get to that point!!


So former's were made for the bulk heads and marked out on a sheet of 5mm balsa wood....only 3 bulk heads for this phase!




Here they are all cut out ready....




I am going to build this section as I did in phase 1 and 2....in two halves.


Starting with the lower half here are the former's and stringers in place....






So that is as far as I have got at the moment.


I do hope that this continued build will give interest to some of you as I do know that its predominately kit builds heredefault_wink.png


Until the next post....of many I fear!





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you're gonna build the whole airframe arent you...


Yes......well most of it Shawn...I'll give it a go!...if I have enough time in my life!! :whistle:


Martin! Welcome back man!


I was just telling one of my mates about your project the other day, and wondered where the heck you had gotten to!


So looking forward to this installment!




THOR    :ph34r:


Hi Thor.....I have been around but scratch building a 1:48 scale Dewoitine D510...far too small for this forum!!! ;)


Great to see you going again, Martin. Looking great!  Others building like this here gives me energy so do so myself. I've been a little stalled out. Ack! 


I often have that problem Jim!....I usually try to do something completely different to try and get my mojo back!

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Hi there


Here is the next up date!


I have spent the last few days getting the fuselage structure built...I started with the lower half and then moved on to the upper half...almost symmetrical or but a few millimeters here and there!.


Here are the two halves........




Placing them on top of each other gives us the definite shape of the fuselage area....








So to try and explain what the plan is for this phase of the B17 build I have tried to put a few arrows here and there.......




The blue arrow at the rear shows you where I am intending to detail the radio room...including the camera bay that is under the floor of the radio room. There will be doors on each bulk head as in the real B17. The Red arrow indicates the Ball turret position and I have done a rather naff diagram of the turret in red using a computer mouse!!default_rolleyes.gif  The bulk head just after the turret will be as it is...open ....and as it is in the real B17...which is handy as you will be able to view the turret easily.


Ball turret!...aaaggghhhdefault_shrug.gif!....not looking forward to trying to replicate that...I have some ideas but I'm sure I will change my mind when it comes to doing it!


I will be starting with the bottom half first which means it's time to get out the yogurt pot supplies!!...some of you know what I mean...will explain in my next post!default_wink.png


Thanks for dropping by



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