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  1. tomaszhajzler

    Next Junkers D.I

    I had this privillage to see this model on the contest, as good as on photos. Congratulations Tomasz
  2. tomaszhajzler

    1/32 Boeing F4b4 - almost naked

    Hi Gents! Small update. Some photos of the tail from starboard side (dark side of the moon). Regards Tomasz
  3. tomaszhajzler

    MiG-29A "Eagle Talon 97" Trumpeter 1:32

    There are two different Migs on photos. 83 has black blob, this one is 89. Tomasz
  4. tomaszhajzler

    1/32 Boeing F4b4 - almost naked

    Hi Time for update. First, thank's all of you for comments, this is fuel for my project. Target for today (tonight) is tail part. Some components for beginning: rudder, port side elevator, struts and fin sealing plate. Some views from port side: tailplane and fin With fin sealing Pair of wires Wires, struts on place. Port side elevator with cables and rudder. Nice watching Regards Tomasz
  5. tomaszhajzler

    PBY-5A Catalina (Cutaway)

    Hi Kent I'm glad you reworked this window. Very good effect, congratulations. Regards Tomasz
  6. tomaszhajzler

    PBY-5A Catalina (Cutaway)

    Very nice effect. Maybe not the same as on the picture. But what about window above twenty. There is big one on the model, not so small like on the picture. It's risky business to show fotos of original. All work very impressive. Regards Tomasz
  7. tomaszhajzler

    1/32 Boeing F4b4 - almost naked

    Hi All Thank's for comments, fine you like her. Last update this year. I hope next year will be the last of this project. Two small subassemblies. Arrested hook first. Tail wheel is the second one. Happy New Year, awesome projects. See you next year Tomasz
  8. tomaszhajzler

    1/32 Boeing F4b4 - almost naked

    Hi Gents! This is test post, so very short, because I changed place with my pictures. Repainting is finished. Thanks Bil again. What do you think about her new look? Regards Tomasz
  9. tomaszhajzler

    1/32 Boeing F4b4 - almost naked

    Hi Kev I want to say good bye mr photobucket. I tested server of my friend who want to help me. I hope I send correct url address soon. Tomasz
  10. tomaszhajzler

    1/18 Spitfire MkXIV Race #80

    Congratulations Peter! Superb work and amazing effect. Regards Tomasz
  11. tomaszhajzler

    1/32 Boeing F4b4 - almost naked

    Hi Bil Thank you for your post. Your comment was very important. Do you know what I'm doing? I started repainting today. It will not be a piece of cake, specially center section of top wing but I have no choice. It can take me week maybe two but it's nothing compare to more than five years of work. This man, Roy Rehm, has made awesome restoration of e few Boeings. Here link to film on youtube from his kingdom: Regards Tomasz
  12. tomaszhajzler

    1:16 Scale Scratch-built PT-17 Stearman

    Hi Bil again, now in your thread. Very interesting start, I will wait for updates with curiosity. This link to the library will be very useful for me, thanks. Regards Tomasz
  13. tomaszhajzler

    1/32 Boeing F4b4 - almost naked

    Bill, why didn't you register on forum few years earlier, I think my build could be easier. I have never found this restoration link, what's a pity. They are restoring earlier models of this plane (no one is f4b4 as on caption) but construction must be similar. Regards Tomasz
  14. tomaszhajzler

    1/32 Boeing F4b4 - almost naked

    Hi all! I thought my thread is forgotten, because I didn't make any update so long. But I see my friends you took me to the blackboard. I had many problems with f...bucket. I had to pay to save my thread and I will move my photos on private server. I don't want to justify my absence on forum but as always I had no time to make updates. This stollen time was assigned on building model. Thank you for your kind comments I send one photo of my model. You can see some progress, ailerons, wires, stars on wings and many small parts which I can't remember . I think about base and exposition of my model slowly. Thank you Bill for comment and I'm glad that my thread made you to register on this awesome forum. Returning to the wings I supposed that someone named this Boeing wooden-winged because of it's mahogany spars. I examined many photos and I think that there are metal ribs. You can see construction of the wing on the background this photo. Regards Tomasz
  15. tomaszhajzler

    1/32 Boeing F4b4 - almost naked

    Hi All Thank you for comments, I'm glad you like it. It's happy moment, because I fixed upper wing successfully. I was afraid this operation but everything is very well. Main problem was to correct locate fuselage struts. Many ideas,dry fittings, big stress but with happy end. [/url] Regards Tomasz