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1/48th Boeing B-52H Stratofortress

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I spent a great day yesterday at RIAT at RAF Fairford, and one of the star exhibits in the static display (at least for me) was this fine specimen of USAF heavy metal:


48345175316_6a46cb8c82_z.jpgIMG_1319 by Thomas Probert, on Flickr


As well as taking lots of reference shots for the current aerial fit and other various lumps and bumps, what really struck me was the state of the thing. I'm used to seeing pictures of the current BUFF fleet in reasonably good condition in terms of paint finish, but this one was really heavily weathered and was showing lots of zinc-chromate primer. It looks like it had flown through a heavy hail storm or the like, as it almost has sand-blasted effect on the leading edges. It was a mess!


48345175161_e30122998c_z.jpgIMG_1325 by Thomas Probert, on Flickr


48345313322_8725644dff_z.jpgIMG_1309 by Thomas Probert, on Flickr


48345313027_190761d78c_z.jpgIMG_1311 by Thomas Probert, on Flickr


48345179886_e610a72ce5_z.jpgIMG_1305 by Thomas Probert, on Flickr


It looks like I can get creative with my paint job when the time comes, and although heavily-weathered finishes are not my thing, it'd certainly add some interest to an otherwise rather bland all over grey if I go down that route. 


Now - back to the bench...



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19 hours ago, Radders said:

Tom, it had gone through a really bad storm.. thought it looked great though! Good to bump into you too! :)

I thought it must have been something like that - on another thread I’m posting this build on someone said that it apparently it hit an epic hail storm as it was coming out of Guam. Someone needs to get their paint brush out...


Good to see you too - glad you found the chopper in the forest too!

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Afternoon all,


Since my last update I've been working on the stabilisers of the B-52. They were first removed from the backing sheet and sanded to the correct thickness, with extra attention being paid to the trailing edges to ensure they were as thin as possible. The stabilisers are very large on this model, and therefore needed a substantial spar structure in order to keep them rigid:


48385423331_15c6fb54c6_z.jpgIMG_E1266 by Thomas Probert, on Flickr


48385423721_ece1699c6b_z.jpgIMG_1267 by Thomas Probert, on Flickr


They were then secured to the fuselage and the joins made good, before they received a coat of primer. I have also made the swivel plates from thin plastic card and added these to the correct locations on the fuselage sides:


48385567717_6e9dbdd3b3_z.jpgDSC_0216 by Thomas Probert, on Flickr


48385426411_a73e68d4cb_z.jpgDSC_0214 by Thomas Probert, on Flickr


48385427511_690497c0e6_z.jpgDSC_0211 by Thomas Probert, on Flickr


We now have a model that is, more or less, structurally complete:


48385567177_45b528997e_z.jpgDSC_0218 by Thomas Probert, on Flickr


48385423851_e2b8b85ea5_z.jpgDSC_0227 by Thomas Probert, on Flickr


48385566827_3689c1e8b0_z.jpgDSC_0222 by Thomas Probert, on Flickr


As you can see from the images above I've also been working on attaching the wing fuel tanks. These didn't fit well to the wing, as the shape of the pylon doesn't match the curvature of the wing. I did consider removing parts from the pylon and trimming it so that it followed the wing's curve, but this meant the tank sat too close to the wing. Therefore, I've instead opted to modify and build up the pylon and blend it in with Milliput. The image below shows what I mean - sanding and final blending still to be done:


48385566737_285f4baa26_z.jpgDSC_0225 by Thomas Probert, on Flickr


In other news, designing of some soon-to-be printed 3D wheels is progressing well:


48385565512_f027c082d8_z.jpgIMG_E1386 by Thomas Probert, on Flickr


Until next time,




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Evening all :)


With the Xmas holidays here it's time to get this monster back on the bench...


49214827271_3113e565cd_z.jpgIMG_1693 by Thomas Probert, on Flickr


49214827471_5d5aa9b48f_z.jpgIMG_1694 by Thomas Probert, on Flickr


I'm making slow in-roads in scratch-building the flap apertures and associated structures at the moment - more soon hopefully!



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