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Beaufighter 252 Squadron 1942

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I gave some thought to building the IP from scratch; it's a lot of work. The kit IP part is totally flat. Not exactly the correct shape, but it's guaranteed to fit inside the fuselage.


Bezels from Airscale. I'll be using a combination of Peter's Airscale decals and Waldron RAF instruments.  An in-process shot...







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A little break from the fiddly cockpit bits...


The main landing gear on the Beau aren't simple. The gear bays in the engine nacelles are typical Revell fiction.


The real thing, according to my references, has a box cut-out - similar to the picture.




The width of the box is limited by the aft width of the bay "floor".  Unfortunately, the box isn't wide enough to fit the wheel.




I don't have the tools or the confidence in my abilities to scratch the gear and support framing; I need to keep the mounting holes for the kit gear.


Here is the gear leg on top of the wheel bay. The pivots are aligned with the mounting holes.




With the wheel attached, the opening is just long enough.




I wonder if Revell molded these with the leg compressed. If so, the mounting holes would have to be moved forward.




The only way to fix all the issues would be to move the mounting surface further up into the nacelle. WAY too much work; I'll dress these up a little, and go with what I've got.

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