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Beaufighter 252 Squadron 1942

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And so it begins. I used cockpit bulkhead from the kit; I opened it up quite a bit. There's a rather large diameter heating duct that runs through there. The fuselage is taped in place, white glue on the bulkhead to set it in the proper spot...






Next up is a bunch of horizontal stringers...

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The stringers looked a bit sparse; I added more.




Next up: the dreaded cockpit. The kit cockpit tub - notice the 2-D detail on the side consoles. Revell provides decals to go over these. I'll use the side consoles, building them up a bit.




With the wing openings filled, the tub is too wide...




Some careful measurement and cutting, and we have this:




The console itself slopes downward toward the front; I still need to figure the angle. It should be a good modelling weekend!

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