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Hasegawa 1/32 FW-190D9


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Hi all,
Just started a Dora. That is going to be a parallel build with my Swiss Revell Hunter (first time I do that!).
I'll add some aftermarket items and do some small reasonable enhancements.
As usual it starts with some boring stuff, like filling ejectior pin marks. For this task I used 0.13 mm plastic sheet and a puch and die set.
Hasegawa gun barrels are a joke (right side of the picture) so I redid the whole thing with steel tubes. For the gun barell itself I used 2 different diameters to obtain a proper scale caliber (0.6mm). The Quickboost resin item (second from the right) lacks the larger tube that was inside the wheel wells and the scale caliber is too high.


Some plastic card to detail the otherwise simple area near the seat. Seat that was thinned down to a more appropriate thickness and shape. As usual, harness straps were made out of lead sheet, buckles and PE rudder pedals are from HGW.



And of course, riveting in progress (I know I said reasonable enhancements...)


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Very detailed work, I like it a lot.

Just one often omitted mistake that is lingering around Hasegawa's kit like stink. The guns mounts were never covered by canvas sleeve , There were relatively massive and prominent part of the gear bay openings.

Here are some pics. to show the detail.




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Thanks all


Martin, I'm afraid your are right about the gun mounts canvas! I hesitated and trusted the Aero detail 02.

Well, let's scratch build that...


For the riveting I spent about 1,5 - 2 hours per half wing (including mistakes correction!).


Uncarina, for the scheme I haven't decided yet. I own both Japo books so I am spoilt for choice.



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Quickboost compressor air intake in place. This item is too small due to resin shrinkage and a fair amount of putty was used to obtain a smooth transition with the plastic part. The hole is not drilled through the piece as it should be so I had to use my Proxxon tool to complete the job (a bit disapointed with QB for that).




My "collection" of gun covers. From left to right: QB "Mimetall", QB "early", Eagle part (3 pieces) and Hasegawa



All parts will need some work to represent the hinges correctly.


Hasegawa piece fit perfectly.




QB item is (guess what) too short in length but ok for the width.




Tee Eagle parts is slightly too large and will need some trimming to make it fit. Casting is not so good around the rear part locking system.



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Unpacking Henri Daehne VS111 propeller set...




The color instruction booklet is exemplary






Here is what you get. Resin quality is top notch





One of the very tiny counterbalance weight was missing (I'm pretty sure the carpet monster is innocent) so I made a replica.





and it fits like a (Swiss)clockwork.






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