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B-25J "Old Ironsides III" - HK Models 1/32 - 'Finished


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Thank's - Yes I'm aware. I have already made the cowling openings larger...





Perfect!   It was very hard to tell if the mod had been made from the angles of the previous shots. Looks great!    The OOB cowl openings really bothered me on mine. 

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Yes, there's allways another tweek to make. A lot of time goes into the research, to get as many as possible right :-) 


This is the photo I used for the measurements...



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  • 3 weeks later...

Time for a little update, build back on track...


Been working on the landing gear...






Decided to work in the direction of (lots of dust) since conditions at Alesani Airfield was like this, 'Old Ironsides III' taxiing, no tarmac, dust and only some service areas with 'marsden matting'.




'Airfield dust' weathering of the wheels...




Nose gear with the very distinctive wheel cover of 'Old ironsides III'...




The towing 'rig' is Profimodeller...

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Yeah, something like that - 3 different shades of 'airfield dust' added with pigment fixer...


Work in layers, add dust, until you are happy with it.


When dry, rub the excess off with fingers... + coat of flat varnish...

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Finished the putty'ing, sanding and polishing, and then the restoration of panel lines and rivets...

Pyyyyh, not my favourite...


Time for priming 'her'... Mr. Surfacer...












On to the Alclad glossy black primer...








Late addition, almost forgot, the close up plates for the machine gun openings...

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