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B-25J "Old Ironsides III" - HK Models 1/32 - 'Finished


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Wow- what a find, all that footage- and what are the chances of seeing all those 'parts of the puzzle' in one film? Will be watching tonight!


Good luck with the build- Although Ive never owned either, Ive heard a lot of good things about G-factor U/C legs- and lots of bad things about SAC....

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Hi, Kent. Looking great so far. Speaking of Heller, I've been doing some research once to about what planes he flew in, and found some flight schedules with crew names and tail numbers. Your plane is in there to and Heller's name is also there but for other tail numbers. Don't remember where I found them, but maybe you find them interesting.





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Thanks, I spent last weekend, "trawling through these Mission reports, one by one from 1944-1945, making lists of the missions Heller participated in.

Also a list of who was Captain of "Old Ironsides III" :-)

There are a few missing pieces, but it gives a nice view into the Squadron's assignments.

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Detailing the Bombardiers (nose) compartment. I have been replacing kit and aftermarket ammunition boxes, they appear to be of wrong shape, size and number? New ones scratchbuild from plastic card, also added a little wirering, handles on the ammo boxes etc...

The Norden Bombsight (Heller's workstation) also had an upgrade with added details...



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Update on the build:


Detailing of the waist guns: Scratchbuild 'skeleton' for case and link ejection bags.




White glue, water and some tissue paper...




The painted and finished waist guns... Reworked the gun mountings...




Detailing of the Bendix upper turret:




Some Profimodeller + plastic card and scrap pieces, lead wire for the springs under the saddle...




Upper turret gunners sight...





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Update on build:


Bomb Bay, Profimodeller Photo etch, some lead wirering and scratch build additions...




Hydraulic fluid reservoir, open emergency hatch and some wirering etc...




All natural aluminium inside the Bomb bay...




Scratch build details added to bomb bay. Bomb racks, bronze green, dark wash on aluminium surfaces, some details 'picked' out with black, green and brass color...



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Kent, Just caught up with this build and all i can say is fantastic. 


I have recently completed my B25 Diorama and I have to say, I loved the build.


I did become a little bogged down with detail obsession. I short, I couldn't figure out in my minds eye what profimodeller were aiming at with the waist gun detailing instructions. IMHO they aint the best. 


On that note, and I dont know how you feel on the subject, but the profimodeller ammo boxes cant be seen once the fuselage is butoned up. believe it or not this is the area I wasted a massive a mount of time on for zero return. Stupidly, I know I became a little fed up with the build until, strangely enough, I watched catch 22 again. Inspiration city!  


Your research is a fascinating read adding to the project greatly. I will be following this closely, specifically as I have another J to build. 


On another note, what are you going to do around crew? I have searched and searched for a crew to man my B17 with few results. Im missing an upper gunner, waist tail and ball gunners. Im assuming yours will be fully crewed on startup? 


Being cheeky I know but here's a couple of shots of my completed build for your perusal. 






keep up the great work I will be following along  :popcorn:


Oh, One other thing, im not sure how the B25 J kit sits but my H needed extra weight in the nose, probably due to the nose being a lot shorter than the J and having less weight. so, not teaching you to suck eggs, but of you stick any crew in the back, youll need more weight in the front. 

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