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Finished this one today, what an awesome kit!  After building Tamiya's A6M5, I thought it was the best ever.  Their Spitfire was even better, and I loved that one too.  This one is even better, and I can only surmise that their Corsair will top this one.  I will soon find out!


Tamiya's 1/32 P-51D, built as Col. Glenn Eagleston's "Feeble Eagle" of the 353rd FS.  Built mostly from the box, with Barracuda Resins tires, G-factor tailwheel strut and HGW seatbelts.  Main decals are from Eagle Editions, stencil decals are from Fundekals.  All of the decals performed flawlessly.  I scratchbuilt some cockpit details, mainly the battery overfill bottle from clear sprue and some extra wiring for the radio and battery.  Painted with Alclad paints, this is my very first NMF aircraft and to say I am happy with how it turned out is an understatement!  I have wanted one in a metal finish for years, but never thought I could actually do it.  I have tried a few times and was defeated with each one.  Now, I finally have one for my display case!  Already planning another Mustang, this time one of the Pacific VLR birds. 


There's a build thread here.


Thanks for looking in!








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Beautiful work Frank. The paintwork is exemplary and the weathering sublime.

I love the thought that's gone into your weathering. The black streak along the right side fuselage looks perfect and also the little bit of wear to the red warning paint on the port wingroot.


Marvellous stuff. Glad you finally got your BMF bird and thanks for sharing her.



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Frank...did u just try to pass us photos of real thing as your model? :BANGHEAD2:


Now lets get serious ---- WICKED...WICKED ...WICKED (sorry Maru couldn't resist)

...Everything turned out perfect, if this is Your first NMF than I cant wait to see another. I think your weathering skills are :punk:  :punk:  :punk: .

Would realy love to see Your display case in person......must be quite a sight :popcorn:



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Frank my friend, I believe this is one of your best ! Weathering is perfect , well executed and restrained. I expect nothing less from the modeler I know you are Congrats !!........Harv :thumbsup:  :thumbsup:  :thumbsup:  :punk:

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As Dejan said.....OOH it's WICKED!!! :wub: :wub:


I adore Mustangs, and yours is just quite SPECTACULAR ..... :yahoo:


ONE cannot have too many Mustangs and unlike other aircrafts this just makes MY heart skip a beat..

{ you can build Mustangs every day and I wouldn't tire of seeing them! :wicked:}

Your Workmanship is of highest calibre and most EXEMPLARY.... :clap2:



:bow: :bow: :bow:

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