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RFI --- WnW AMC DH-2 7907 ---- 32 Sqn Sept 1916

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Thanks to all who followed along, as this one was again another journey for me. I have to say, even with ALL of the rigging (which I actually LOVED doing for some insane reason, this one gave me less fits, and was WAY more enjoyable than most any other kit Ive build recently.


For those that are interested, here is a link to the work in progress build -

WnW AMC DH-2 7907 ---- 32 Sqn Sept 1916 --- WIP


The only real issue I found with this kit, is it is WAY delicate! the rear fuse can be thrown out of whack with just a nudge, so be careful if your building it.

For you guys who use mono or something non stretchy and are comfortable using it, Id say try practicing with some EZ Line or Prym elastic knitting thread, cause mono, or stainless steel rigging or the like is going to not only be way overkill on this, but using strong rigging like that will pull the entire rear fuselage out of alignment!

Ask me how I know................cause the VERY little tension that EZ Line or the Prym stuff put on the DH fuse, even pulled it one way or the other when rigging so just use caution and make sure you are constantly monitoring the alighnment of the rear tubular fuselage frame.


Other than that, this not only being my first WnW kit (ALWAYS loved the DH, but wasnt up for the Roden offering) , but also my first overall WWI build, it was one of the most enjoyable and satisfying builds I have ever completed.


Im DEFINITELY a WnW fan for life now! The kit was phenomenal, as are the others in my stash and Im completely hooked now on the bravery, guts, fortitude, and overall heroism those pilots displayed. There is something really refreshing about building them, (not to mention being able to build in my own scale, yet have a model that is actually easy to handle!) and I will be having many, MANY more WnW and WWI kits in my display cases.


Well it didnt turn out perfect, and had to cover some mistakes, but overall Im very happy with my first WWI/WnW outing.

I build this OOB with the exception of some Gaspatch turnbuckles, Bobs Buckles eyelets and tubes.


I used Prym Knitting-in elastic thread for the flat RFC support rigging dyed with a fabric dye pen, and white EZ Line colored with permanent marker for the control rigging.


Without further jabbering, here is my 1/32 WnW AMC DH-2 for your visual enjoyment -






















STILL MORE.......................


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Here I accidentally reversed the upper and lower ailerons.......so the correct notch for the control horn was on the top of the bottom wing where it shouldn't have been...............


SO............this is where a few bullet holes from the "Fokker scurge" crossed into the lower wing and required a "patch"












Thanks again to all who followed along. Thanks for looking in on me!



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She looks a treat Brian, VERY well done! Can't believe you actually ENJOYED the rigging, it would have driven me even closer to the looney house!

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