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Hobbycraft Sea Fury Hawker Company demonstrator G-AKRY


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Well here goes, my first build online so please be gentle with me...


I have chosen a Hawker company demonstrator from 1948 – Fury 1 NX748 effectively what became in lineage the Sea Fury prototype and will use the Hobbycraft kit. An OOB build suits me as I rarely use AM (with the exception of my own products and the Mods have thankfully okayed instrument dials & placards! Hmmm PE bezels in the pipeline for September but better not push it). My things is scratching detail (a bit obsessively actually...) – I have read Thierry’s comprehensive Tweak list on the subject and it looks like much to do and on inspecting the kit I can see this is going to be a loooong job (good job we have a year!)


I just need to look at this pic to make the hair on the back of my neck stand up




Credited to A J Jackson Collection at Brooklands Museum


For those with an eye for history, the shot is attributed to be in Luqa, Malta and I have the following info (would welcome any further pics / details / corrections):


“In April 1948, Bill Humble, Hawker’s chief test pilot, flew the first prototype Sea Fury to Cairo for the forth-coming Heliopolis Air Display. On this occasion, it carried the civil registration G-AKRY instead of its original RAF serial number NX798. Humble arrived on 21 April and three days later put on a demonstration of aerobatics and high-speed passes for the Royal Egyptian Aero Club at Almaza AB. This display so impressed the Egyptians that an excited crowd swarmed over the aircraft as soon as Humble landed. On 27 April, Bill Humble gave the machine a ten-minute test flight preparatory to his homeward journey. Just before his intended departure the Hawker test pilot discovered that the Fury had been moved from the civil to the military side of Almaza AB and that the aircraft had been impounded by the Egyptian authorities who turned it over to the REAF. It was given code '701' and become an REAF fighter. On 4th June 1948 this aircraft scored the first REAF air combat victory shooting down an Israeli Fairchild Argus.”


The HC cockpit is the work of toddlers with crayons so gonna have to do something about it (my favourite part anyway!) thank goodness for those talented restorers at Sanders Aeronauticssome excellent structural shots are available to get me started, albeit for an FB11





Made a start today, will hopefully get more done later...







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Great start indeed! Will be watching closely. Although I have and have build the FM&P kit, I also have the HC kit. I plan on making the HC kit a racer, so will likely be looking here for tips and tricks on the HC kit



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Hello all


Really enjoying starting up again - this is the first kitbashing I have done since mid 2010 and I have LSP to thank. Peeps will probably tire of me soon - I think this is my second post today but hell I am loving getting the job done and taking some pics


I have binned the kit parts for the interior, if you are not a cockpit freak like me you might get away with using it - if you paint it all black.... mist the canopy up..... and if anyone asks tell them it is condensation - afterall it's a shipborne fighter :whistle:








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Trust me Peter, we won't ever tire of your updates - especially with terrific work like this. Tell me a bit more about your brass work. Is it just the brass stock you can buy in thin sheets from the likes of K&S and Albion Alloys? And how do you cut it so neatly?



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Just caught this thread Peter and I'm really looking forward to seein' what you do with this one. With your instrument decals and cockpit placards you'll be able to do some fantastic stuff with the instrument panel. I really like what you've done so far, especially the brass work.


You know you're building one of my all time favourite aircraft too. I splurged on the Fisher Sea Fury as I just wasn't impressed with the Hobbycraft offering but somethin' tells me you're in to something good! Wait a minute, isn't that a song already? Oh yeah, Herman's Hermits........LOL!


Really going to be following this one Peter! :popcorn:




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