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  1. Great build Brian! I've definitely bookmarked this thread .. I've a Snipe (an "Early" though) sitting in my stash waiting for the go at some point. BTW - Prym's thread is also available in black (their code 970 010): But, I have to say that Uschi's thread is very, very good too! Cheers, Grant
  2. Ah! Richard .. I'd love to see you pick up her again soon . it was glorious watching what you can do with tube brass and styrene ! Grant
  3. I can't believe how long it is since I last looked in on your phenomenal Hurricane Richard .... I'm dumbfounded by your skill, always have been and it hasn't waned an ounce in the intervening time. How's it coming along now??? I know you've taken up the HpH Catalina PBY (which is an epic kit in itself) so has the Hurri been shelved for a while?? Cheers! Grant
  4. I might be late but I've just caught up with everything so far ... any progress beyond this? It's still one of my all time favourite threads Richard and I hope you've the stamina to carry on !
  5. I've just given over a large percentage of my day reading through your thread Brian .... it was certainly worth it!!! Great build sir, great build. More to learn for me I think! Grant
  6. That'd work for me (and maybe my store too?) - I'd be very grateful if you'd keep me in the loop re designs and costs etc. - email grant@arrow-wolf.com Many thanks in advance.
  7. Looking really neat Jeroen - the bomb rack is a work of art in itself matey, and I know you're toying with the idea of leaving some gaps which will really show it off too. Nice paint work as always.
  8. Lovely, I'm so pleased to see something other than a Wingnut Wings being built. The Siemans Schuckert is such a distinctive looking aircraft for the era it's nice to see it here.
  9. Hey Rohan, Fabulous build! Love every inch of it. Well done! Grant
  10. Hi Jerry, I've had my head below the parapet trying to develop Arrow Wolf as much as I can at the moment. I've also got a traders' thread "elsewhere" which is also taking a large chunk of time. But "Fear not, Sire!! I shall return with more attentiveness and zeal from now on". I don't know if you've seen this chaps work but have a look at: http://www.grailmodels.moonfruit.com/#/a-fallen-empire/4569789563 (Uschi has two picsof it here: http://www.uschivdr.com/whats-new/) - I've seen other pictures and I should have made a note of where but I didn't I'm afraid. Wonderful stuff.
  11. Ah, Jerry. Beautiful work Sir. I've thoroughly enjoyed this all the way and, as I've said before, I get the emotions from the POW's in their expressions .. .. dismay, dejection and humiliation ....... which is incredibly hard to achieve in an inanimate figure and I rarely exprerience that - don't get me wrong, I've seen some wonderful, skillfully produced dio's but not all radiate any emotions. I love it, and the inclusion of the photographer whose picture sparked this off is pure genius. Congratulations! You must, and should, be very proud of it. Grant.
  12. I'm dying to see some pictures when you can ... I stock Roden's WW1 aircraft and have been toying with building this particular one for some while now. Grant
  13. THAT's superb !! I love that stand (but then again, anything carbon fibre...) I honestly think you've done a wonderful job on her ... Nigel and Adrian would be impressed, I'm sure.
  14. Hell's Teeth Louie !! That's an incredible Diorama! very, very convincing. Nice little ride there !!
  15. Love the modesty .... "That's it for today" WHAT???? That's it?? "It" is an amazing piece of work. Brilliant scratch building Peter. Grant
  16. Four years on and all you've done is an engine and base?? What have you been doing all this time? I'll tell you what .... the best scratch building master class out there. Superb skills, superb topic, outstanding results. I love your work, it's just amazing.
  17. Love it! I Love it! Great plane and super modulations of colour.
  18. HEY !!! I've taught you well Padowan - guy5y is your new Jedi name! Wolf sir, you engine it fabulous. Love it, love it. I really must have a punt at one of these WnW kits - I got too many Roden kits to sell first (curse you Red Jackson Baron !) << waves fist at the sky >> Grant.
  19. I love Radu's stuff and have them in my store too..
  20. Fantastic Mark ... and all this with a new baby in the house. Remarkable. Grant
  21. OH NO !! .............. I'm so sorry to read of the problems Marcelo ! I really hope there's someone who can help but firstly, have you tried contacting the manufacturer? (or am I not reading this right?). The figures are super by the way but I suppose that's no real consolation to you. Do let us know what happens. Grant
  22. Uh-ho ! Here we go again.... NURSE!, Nurse ...... He's out of bed again !! Can't believe I missed this Brian - I'll be watching this avidly. Oh, and I've got to get one of those Hold n Fold thingy's. Grant.
  23. Superb, simply superb. You've got yourself a fabulous Tornado sir, congratulations.
  24. Amazing - I was about to ask whether you would be using Taurus' products and Bang! there they were! Your build is so clean, so neat and so beguiling as always Wolf. I love watching your work (along with others) and will be following with huge interest ! I had a long discussion elsewhere about a product called Prym which I understand WnW's recommend for rigging - it has the same properties as E-Z line but, as Brian found out, takes paint a little better. I wondered whether you'd seen this? Grant PS: Glad to see Guy5y posting here - welcome Guy - he's a damn fine chap and I hope he feels at home here at LSP
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