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Tamiya P-51D Mustang, Miss Helen

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Hi guys,


I think I've done just about all I'm going to do on this one.

This is the 1/32nd scale Tamiya P-51D Mustang depicting "Miss Helen".

The model was a joy to build with just a little work needed on the seam beneath the intake. The thought that's gone into the engineering is amazing. I kept the additional scratch built detailing to a minimum on this model with just two wires in the aft of the cockpit. I did use HGW seat belts and RB productions radiators though.

I used Ad Astra masks and decals for the main markings and Hobbydecal dry transfers for the stencilling around the airframe. For the data placards in the cockpit I went with a set of Barracuda decals which neatly busy up the office.

The main airframe is painted in Mithril silver acrylic metallic from Citadel Miniatures with one or two splashes of Boltgun metal. The blue is Citadel Miniatures Necron abyss foundation colour.

I used a number of products for the weathering. The exhaust staining is Lifecolor Tensochrome (it looks less red in the flesh), the staining on the upper wings is pastel powder and I also used an oil paint wash over the wing surfaces but it's too subtle to show much in these images.


I really enjoyed this model and I'd build another in a minute.











I hope you like it and I welcome any comments, good or bad.





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That is one of the finest builds of Tamiya's kit I have yet seen, beautiful work! Love the weathered finish, tastefully done and just looks "right".


I think your choice of shade for the blue is spot on as well.


I believe I asked you this before, but what do you use to thin the Citadel colors for AB work?


Stunning work Guy. :goodjob:

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