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Tamiya P-51D Mustang, Miss Helen

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Howdy folks,

Just wanted to say a big thank you to everyone for the kind words. I'm the first to admit that I know very little about how a warbird should look so your positive comments regarding weathering are most encouraging, cheers.


Hi Mike, glad you like the build. Thanks for stopping by.



Excellent work Guy, it looks terrific!



Hi Kev, thanks for the kind words. I'm thinking of posting this up as an article for the home page. Can I send it over in an e-mail?



It is a nice kit isn't it?

Hello Bill, it is a jewel of a model kit. Thanks for your generous comments.


Peter, Barry, Obant, thanks for adding your words of support, much appreciated guys, cheers.




I believe I asked you this before, but what do you use to thin the Citadel colors for AB work?


Hi Frank, good to see you. I appreciate you taking the time to post your kind thoughts, thanks. I tend to just use de-ionised water for thinning the acrylics. If I'm cleaning the airbrush after painting I'll blow some Tamiya X-20 thinners through it and then wash it out with more water to finish. HTH



Very nice. I really like your weathering.

Hi Ron, funny you should comment on that because if I'm honest it is mostly inspired by some of your past works. I've been very impressed by the weathering that you've applied on your builds so thanks go to you for the guidance and tips, cheers.



That is a gorgeous model! Just goes to show that in the hands of a master even a Tamiya product can look good. (It's a joke - lighten up, you guys.)

Or in my case, a total warbird novice. :D Ron S, I think everyone should get the chance to build one of these modern Tamiya offerings just for the experience.


Hi Joe, I'm looking forward to folowing along with your build. I'm sure you'll have a ball.


Hello coogrfan, Andy, Mark and Rob, I'm very grateful to you guys for the generous words of encouragement. Glad you all like the build.





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Hi Guy


That looks superb I like the blue nose Stangs ,I actually got to get up close to the real one last year at one of Rob Lamploughs private airshows heres a couple of pic's.











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Whoa,....cracking shots Clive, thanks for sharing them. You lucky blighter :speak_cool:

Miss Helen looks beautiful in your photos. I think I made a good choice. :coolio:


Kev, I'll get an e-mail over to you before long, cheers.


Hi Loic and Franck thanks for stopping by and adding your kind thoughts.

Glad you like the build, cheers.



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Stunning,Superb,Oh you get the idea! :lol: :goodjob:

:D Thanks ww2wings, much appreciated and glad you like the build. ;)



I really like the weathering you did on the upper wings. Could you please explain in detail how you did it?




Hi Christian, many thanks.

The first thing I did was the fuel streaking back from the fillers using LifeColor Tensochrom oil weathering medium. This was airbrushed lightly. From experience I've learned to stop before it looks right with the LifeColor stuff as it seems to become more intense as it dries. It's easier to add a little more than it is to remove too much.

In order to give the appearance of wear I began by using an oil paint wash of very thinned Paynes grey and black mixed. I brushed the wash on thinly, intentionally leaving light streaks in the finish following the airflow from front to back. When the oil paint had dried fully I began to work in ground up artists pastel powder over areas where there might be alot of travel, the wing root, gun access panels etc. I was aiming to suggest foot marks or hand prints without actually drawing feet and fingerprints....

I used an old paint brush with stiffer bristles to apply the powder then a moistened "Q-tip" to move the powder around until I was happy with the staining. Rolling the wetted end of the q-tip over the pastels gives a nice random effect then for heavier areas of wear a dabbing motion builds the colour up in spots. The beauty of this method is that you can play around with it a great deal plus it is easy to remove and start over if you don't like the way it looks .

I slowly added layer after layer getting progressively darker until I got a look that I liked. If you begin with black straight away it can look stark and unnatural. I use a few shades of light to dark grey or light buff/brown and build up the colour slowly.

For scratches or scuffs I either used the base airframe silver colour (Mithril silver)for scratches or german grey for the scuffs. Without any reference photos to copy I felt less was more so I kept the damage to the minimum in order to suggest some use. I applied the scratches and scuffs one at a time with a fine paint brush.


I took my inspiration from a number of other modellers and followed their lead. I'm no expert on the Mustang so I was uncertain as to how much weathering to do. I could probably have added more but I like the look of Miss Helen now so she'll stay as she is. Perhaps the next one will be more war weary......?

For inspiration try searching on here for some of LSP_Ron's builds or Ralph Riese's lovely BMF P-47 amongst others.







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Hello folks,


The sun shone today so I set up my backdrop and took a couple of photos of Miss Helen outdoors.


Hope you enjoy seeing these as much as I enjoyed taking them. :)








A little fun with PhotoShop.....


How she might have looked.





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