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  1. Incredible work Matt! That thing belongs in a museum, it's a beautiful work of art!
  2. Thanks SWA, I think you'll be happy with these. They are going out in today's mail. Joe
  3. Great job Mike, love the finish and really love the pictures, especially the b/w.
  4. Great looking model so far Kev. I like the oversprayed numbers, well done!
  5. "Showtime 112" - This is the aircraft that Cunningham and Driscoll achieved their first MIG kills with on 19 January, and 8 May, 1972. While not as famous as "Showtime 100" in which the same crew achieved "Ace" status, this is my favorite of the two. Thanks for looking, Joe
  6. Jozef, The price is most definitely "correct". I considered raising the price because there is more too it than most masks, but in the end I decided to keep the cost down. Next will be F-4J "Showtime 112" - the lesser known aircraft that Cunningham and Driscoll achieved their first Mig kills in. Joe
  7. After multiple requests from the Phantom Phans, I've put together the first of several masks for the beautiful and legendary F-4 Phantom. Starting off with the ever popular (and for good reason) F-4J from VF-84 Jolly Rogers..................
  8. I never get tired of looking at this build, keep em comin Mark. Joe
  9. I think we're going to see the Hawker Tempest that is rumored to be coming.
  10. This is really looking good so far! All that work you have put into the cockpit has really paid off, I love it! Joe
  11. Yep, all we have are hope and rumors at this point. I did this mask for an RC modeler and figured I'd have it ready for plastic modelers just in case the rumors come true - hopefully this year.
  12. Two new mask sets available at www.scaleprecision.com Thanks for looking, Joe Spitfire-MkV-Tuck by Scale Precision Hawker-Tempest-Clostermann by Scale Precision
  13. Wow! That is exactly what I would like to reproduce. I am not even close to the skill level of that guy, but that definitely helps with some ideas. Thanks for the link Kage. Joe
  14. I'm getting ready to start into a new area for me - jet aircraft, and I'm starting with an F-4J Phantom. Anyway, I love the look of the metal exhaust shrouds as well as the exhaust nozzles themselves when they are painted right. Can someone please share their painting techniques for these with me? I'm a little color blind as well, so if you could go into a little detail with which colors you use where, I'd appreciate it. Thanks, Joe
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