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Sukhoi SU-30 MKK Flanker

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It was an investment in a lot more time & moolah than I ever expected. All you guys, my LSP friends made the journey worth it. It took me way longer than expected (as always :rolleyes: ) but I like the results.


This is my version of the Russian test bed Sukhoi SU-30 MKK Flanker as it existed prior to delivery to the PLAAF.

The Russians took this opportunity to use the airframe to test every system the plane has prior to delivery. It was painted only in Russian yellow primer with minimal markings, and stencils, much fewer than the normal Flanker might have had.


They used this thing to test every missile system, radar system and internal system including the canon over and over.

It was used on un-prepared, dirty, wet and/or icy runways, and hence the real thing got incredibly dirty and oily, with the Russians obviously not concerned about cleaning it, even prior to the Russian MAKS air-show in 2003.


There are some things I would have liked to do differently but I'm not worried about them at this point. I may have gone a bit bonkers with the pics (3 posts worth…..yikes!) but hey-ho, after 8 months I'm using all the pics as reward/justification for all the work :lol: ………OR just skip to the end if you get bored! :lol:

Thanks to one and all who followed, contributed parts, info and encouragement the whole way through. You guys are the best, and I sincerely mean that.


Here is the almost 8 month WIP journey for those interested -



Sukhoi SU-30 MKK Russian Pre-Delivery scheme 504 WIP




Hope you like her, and thanks again to one and all for stopping in, and following along with me –











































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Watched this build from beginning to end and it was well worth it!

Again Brian, truly inspirational work and outstanding finish!



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What? Thats it? No more pics? ... Brian, in my short 4 yrs back in modeling, I have not seen a better built aircraft. It just reeks with umber greatness! Watched from the beginning, and followed through. Always checking for updates, and happy when we got them. Its builds like this ( and there are many right now on LSP) that make me dream of one day, building "that good". Thank you soooo much for taking all of us on this exciting ride of yours. I might also mention, I think both Russ and larry are smiling down upon you with big thumbs up ! Merry Christmas, my friend......Harv( being humbled) :clap2:

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