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  1. What a great looking phantom you've got there! It looks superb. I also like your avatar: "...Why don't you dig how beautiful it is out here. Why don't you say something righteous and hopeful for a change." hahah
  2. Great job Florin. Nota 10! I love the display cabinet. You got a great collection. Hope to see more added to it
  3. Great looking Panzer you have there! It looks real good. I started this model a couple weeks ago. Seeing your tank gave me inspiration to finish mine soon.
  4. I can tell already; this is going to be a fun build to watch. Great work so far!
  5. Great work Vali. Foarte frumos! I love seeing these Romanian war birds. Keep it up.
  6. Great looking warbird! Love the "dirtiness". It was a pleasure to follow this build!
  7. That is really a gorgeous looking warbird! Congrats.
  8. I love these JU-88 kits! Keep em coming. Your is looking fantastic so far.
  9. Looking real good Florin. Can't wait till the next update! \ Spor la treaba
  10. Awesome collection of work there! Foarte frumos
  11. Woah this bird is looking awesome! Great work.
  12. Wow that is a very clean and good looking DC-3! Great work. I'm sure your brother in law loved it!
  13. Hey nice to see you working with 3-D printer. What CAD program are you using?
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