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  1. Very nice! Love the camo work and subtle weathering
  2. This one has been a long time coming, and I've been following from the beginning. Look forward to an update!
  3. Wow Brian, looking good! I haven't been very active on the forums so I haven't seen your work in a while, hope you are doing well!
  4. Not my build, I was just quoting the build info listed in Artur's link. I haven't gotten around to building my "Blue 12" yet
  5. Excellent work, Frank! Your stuff just gets better and better
  6. Absolutely spectacular work, David! I look forward to reading the conclusion in AIR Modeller
  7. Any pic from the front? I want to see how that drop tank looks on there
  8. As I've said elsewhere, fantastic paintwork! I'm partial to the big-tail D-9's and you have done an amazing job with this one
  9. Outstanding work, Jamie! Can't wait to see the article
  10. brewer

    too much

    This is certainly a great discussion with good points from all sides. Being a young guy still trying to find my "style", I can see the merit in all approaches to finishing models - factory fresh, used and abused, exaggerated, etc - and have much respect for a well-built model of any style. With the platitudes out of the way (though sincere) I'll throw my opinion into the ring. Factory fresh, shiny models just look like toys to me. Personally I like a model that really grabs your attention. I like the way the "spanish style" really stands out, though as with everything it can be overdone. Like Jamie, I think references are important and enjoy trying to duplicate what I see in photos of actual aircraft. My ideal finish is somewhere in between a flashy, stylistic approach and a photorealistic weathered model.
  11. Oh I'm definitely inspired! I dabble a little bit in scratch building, but mostly I just suffer from AMS and buy up all the aftermarket available for my kits haha Maybe one day I'll be able to do work like Peter, it would certainly be easier on my wallet (but perhaps not my sanity )
  12. Absolutely incredible! I would say "I quit" and throw all my kits in the trash, but this work is on such a higher level that it's almost like a separate hobby haha. Keep up the amazing work!
  13. Still waiting for an update on this magnificent build, Wolf!
  14. AMAZING! Can't wait for more!
  15. Absolutely magnificent!! On the home stretch now!
  16. Been watching this one over on HS, glad to see everything in one place. Amazing paint work!
  17. Glad this one got extended. I plan to throw my hat in the ring after I get a few commissions out of the way!
  18. Excellent work so far! Looks like you put out some real quality builds! You should post some of your completed works in "Ready for Inspection", I'd love to see more of Dortenmann's aircraft
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