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  1. Fantastic! I've been following the build along the way and enjoyed every step. Keep up the amazing work!
  2. What a transformation! Looks gorgeous! (Now just dirty up that prop to match the rest of the plane )
  3. On the topic of thick Tamiya kit decals, this is the kit decal from the 1/32 Tamiya A6M5 built almost 10 years ago (in my heavy shading days haha) applied with just MicroSet and several applications of Solvaset. I sliced the panel lines with a #11 blade and poked some of the rivet holes with a needle point, but other than that it was purely the Solvaset. Even being a thick Tamiya decal, all the surface detail is visible and the carrier film is all but invisible. That being said, I would definitely go with HGW's wet transfer stencils as Nick mentioned - fantastic stuff
  4. Lovely paint work! Interesting interpretation that only the upper cowl was differently colored instead of the whole "power egg"
  5. This one has been a long time coming, glad to see it completed. Fantastic work!
  6. Very nice! Love the camo work and subtle weathering
  7. This one has been a long time coming, and I've been following from the beginning. Look forward to an update!
  8. Wow Brian, looking good! I haven't been very active on the forums so I haven't seen your work in a while, hope you are doing well!
  9. Not my build, I was just quoting the build info listed in Artur's link. I haven't gotten around to building my "Blue 12" yet
  10. Excellent work, Frank! Your stuff just gets better and better
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