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  1. Either way guys, the responses have been "If only, I would be in" or "A 1/35th CH-54? That's too big for my display space"(I'm in this category, although IF they include a working winch, a detachable cargo pod and a 105mm Howitzer, I just might find somewhere to display one) , so if they do or if they don't what difference does it make on a thread where we are just expressing our desire to have or not to have?
  2. So what difference does that make? So far from what I've read no one has said they (ICM) were releasing the kit, only stating their desire to buy or not to buy. If they do release a kit great. If they don't, it was a nice dream.
  3. Hey Hey see who I was replying too.... BTW They (Sprue Bros, Phantom Phreaks, and or the remnants of TAN) started this whole thing. I mean they (not sure if it is Dr. They or not) announced a whole new Phamily of 1/32 scale Phantoms and what shows up on the table at the IPMS USA National show in Vegas... a reboxed Revell RF-4C with a new decal sheet... And the RF-4C was not even mentioned the original announcement. Just saying.
  4. Well they only promised new tool fighter variants (F-4B/C/D/E/F/J/N/S and possibly British F-K/M). Maybe this was a way to kick start interest?
  5. Wow, an 11 foot Grearing class DD or an 10 ft 8 in Summner class DD... That would be impressive...
  6. Hey panzerrob, Don't forget to swap the instrument panels (part numbers J-270 and J-271) with the ones from the K sprue (part numbers K-254 and K-255). These are the panels Revell included in their F-4E kits.
  7. Well nice to see they realize the APG-65 radar and AIM-120 missiles are inappropriate for the versions they have kitted.
  8. Hi Mark, I made my own for my F-4J using the old USAF pylons from KMC. I added a spacer form some evergreen square rod. I can't remember the exact size but I think it was 1/8 inch. I then trimmed and sanded it to shape. I added the bracing form some strip stock. While it my not be exact, in 1/32 scale I think it worked out quite well. BTW I just got a message from Mr. Hatherly over on ARC that stated he and his family have been dealing with the COVID-19 virus. He is hoping to get back to work soon.
  9. OK. Another mini review on parts for the Revell 1/32 scale F-4E/F/G and RF-4C/E Phantom II kits. I have been seeking a set of resin intakes to remedy the well known intake issues with all current 1/32 scale kits. The Tamiya kits are not quite as bad as the Revell kits. At least Tamiya gave us some internal trunking we could work with right? To date the only sets I was aware of were the GT Resins set that has not been in stock at Sprue Brothers for quite some time or the Sierra Hotel set that it would seem is only available once a year at the IPMS National show. I just got a set of intakes from Real Model 2020 in the Czech Republic. These are the ones that eoyguy has mentioned on several threads. They look great. Sorry about the pictures, but I have a lighting problem due the storm shutters on the house. We are currently expecting some horizontal rain from Hurricane Ida tomorrow (not as bad as New Orleans) but being as we are close to the cone of error, we decided to put the Kevlar covers up just to be on the safe side. At any rate, these remind me of the Seamless Suckers intakes for the Tamiya kits back around 2002 or so. They are cream colored and have petite but crisp panel lines. The instructions indicate a pretty simple installation procedure with a minimum of cutting. The set comes with the splitter plates as well as two engine faces. Intake Tops: Intake Sides: Note the bottom one is faded out due to lighting issues. It is as well detailed as the top one. Intake Bottoms: Again the one on the left is faded out due to lighting issues. Engine Faces and Splitter Plates They even caught the differences on the two fairings on the bullet of the J-79 turbine face used by the USAF due the explosive cartridge engine starting system even though this will never be seen once they are installed. I also picked up their outer pylon set. These are done in gray resin with very sharp panel lines and very good details on the under side of the pylon. The website for Real Model 2020 is https://realmodel.cz/ I think they have a store on eBay as well. miloslav1956 I ordered my sets form their website with out any problems. It only took two weeks for the package to travel from Prauge Czech Republic to Pensacola Fl. 8 Days was waiting on a flight to New York City which I figure is pretty much standard any more. Hope this was of some help and have a great day. Mark.
  10. As of 1500 Zulu today, Sprue Brothers is showing all 3 sets in stock as well as several cockpit sets and various Phantom Extras.
  11. What he said... My apologies for not vetting the current availability of QMT products. I ordered my nose cone back in May when Academy announced their rendition of Revell’s kit. I had been looking at the set for several weeks and was hemming and hawing about ordering it since the I couldn’t find any reviews of the set and it was only available from Hannats…. Academy’s release of the kit prompted me to take the chance so I ordered it from KitLinx II. It was only a couple of weeks ago that I did the math and realized that they ordered one of the last sets Hannats was listing. After spending the afternoon searching the internets (don’t worry I was trapped at a car dealership waiting on an emergency repair) I have realized that the set is out of stock across the globe. I guess QMT has succumbed to the current global economic slowdown as have several other small aftermarket concerns. Shame really since the set is very good and very easy to use….
  12. A few days ago in a thread about seamless intakes for the Revell 1/32 F-4 Phantom II kits Seamless intakes Revell F-4 I mentioned some update sets for Revell’s 1/32 F-4E/F/G and RF-4C/E Phantom II kits. Specifically a nose cone correction set from QMT and a landing gear set from Aerocraft Models. I thought I should get some photos up just in case anyone is interested. First off the brass landing gear set from Aerocraft models. Website is here https://aerocraftmodels.bigcartel.com/ Here is the Aerocraft Models nose gear, center, compared with the Revell kit’s gear, left, and Scale Aircraft Conversions on the right. This shows the Aerocraft Models main landing gears on the outside compared to the Scale Aircraft Conversions main landing gears on the inside. The SAC gears are direct copies of the Revell kit’s main landing gears and you can see that the Aerocraft Models landing gears are 3 mm shorter than the SAC or Revell ones. As I stated on the other thread these gears are very stout and address the main issues with the Revell kit’s landing gears. The QMT (Quick Model Details) nose cone set will improve the flat and pointy nose cone issues with the Revell kit’s parts to a great degree. True it is not a total fix but it does improve the look of the kit to a great degree without any cutting or filling… Website is here http://q-m-t.cz/ The only possible draw back is that it does not include the early F-4E cannon muzzle faring. They sell that as a seperate set. QMT nose on left Revell kit part on right. Nose cone in place on Revell F-4E kit nose (QMT is the cream colored nose cone):
  13. I gave up trying to fathom Revell several years after I bought their later edition of the 1/32 F-4E Phantom II and RF-4C Phantom II. I could see by the way they engineered the parts sprues they they were thinking about releasing the whole line of the Phabulous Phantoms from the F-4B to the F-4S (and possibly even including the UK Phantoms) but did they? Nope... We finally got an F-4G Phantom a couple of years ago but only after they were extremely sure Tamiya wasn't going to release one... So who can fathom Revell or any other model company directors board? And why bother....
  14. Hi, While I'm not sure of the Fighter Group and Squadron, I believe it was a P-40N in the south west pacific theater or operations. If memory works, it was an olive drab over neutral gray bird. If it helps, Eduard released the exact bird in 1/32 (using Hasegawa plastic.)
  15. Yep, that was my experience as well 3+ years ago. I tried to get the intakes and a nose gear from these guys but only got radio silence back every time I emailed... Hey BTW if you want a great replacement for the skinny light weight nose gear in the Revell kit you should really get the landing gear set from Alistair McLean at Aerocraft. He's got a thread on the manufactures board here a LSP. I bought a set and they are stellar... The nose gear is as beefy and as stout as the Tamiya one and the mains are the proper length. And being brass, they will withstand both the weight of the model (especially if you add a bunch of resin extras) and the test of time...
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