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  1. So this would be an F-4B or would it be one of the first refab F-4Ns? If an F-4B it would seem to cast doubt on the wing structure fatigue issue. If these birds were commuting to the Coral Sea from their land base prior to the carriers deployment could the CG issue on launch still be an issue?
  2. Hi Ali. Great news. Take all the time you need. I'm not in a rush to start my Mustang since I am currently embroiled in a protracted build of a Revell Enterprise and Yorktown. One thing though, would a it be possible to have a set that includes both the closed and opened sliding portion of the canopy? Or is it not possible due to the rear window panels? Mark B.
  3. Well I just placed my first order with them back in late May for a couple of Q-M-T sets. I had a question about my order and contacted them via the website's contact page on Monday and had an answer from Loic on Tuesday.
  4. Hi Guys, Thanks for the responses. I had not heard that there were wing or CG issues launching with wing tanks. Got to wonder though about the photo above showing two planes from VF-33 and VF-102 from CVW-6 on USS America from some time between 1965 and 1967 with wing tanks. Could this have been taken before the wing fatigue was discovered? Especially a half century later. Be interesting to find some sort of directive or instruction on this.
  5. I don't know Dave, their prices on a lot of things seemed good. I did finally pick up the 1/35 Tamiya Hanomag Sd.Kfz.251/1 to go on the shelf next to the US M3. It has been out of stock at most places and was still priced at 14.99 US. And from what I saw a lot of their 1/350 stuff was very competitively priced. Ought to be interesting to see how they do in the future.
  6. I just went to Squadron.com and a big banner says "Now Reopen". Site looks a lot like the old one and I was even able to login to my old account. Here's hoping things will go well. One thing about the site, not very many filtering options. While I can look for specific models or manufactures by site search, I can't seem to find a way to filter the results down by scale or type like I used to on the old site. Hopefully they will be adding that feature in the near future.
  7. I was wondering about that as well. I wasn't aware that they molded any Boeing aircraft though.
  8. Right you are Dave. After the Blue Angels traded in their very very tired legacy hornets last year, the only legacy Hornets in Naval service are in the Aggressor Squadrons. I was wondering what the Navy would choose and when. Not filling any gaps per say but it will be helping the budget issue and in the current political regime that is a very big thing indeed. BTW if any of you get the chance to see the Blues this year do it. And take some hearing protection gear with you. I have been treated to every practice show since the Blues have returned to P'cola from El Centro (livin
  9. In Eli Raphael's May 03 “Making a Come Back” thread in the LSP Discussions forum > Click here < there was a lively discussion that answered the question of why the USN F-4 Phantom IIs only carried 2 AIM-7Es in the rear fuselage missile wells during the Viet Nam war. During the discussion, it was stated that there was a shortage of center line tanks in the USN. I was wondering if this shortage was Fleet wide or just a result of space limitations on board the aircraft carriers. I know they are big but space on a vehicle of any sort is always limited very judiciously used.
  10. Hi Ali, Any progress on the Malcom hood? I would be very interested in one for my Trumpy P-51B. I second this idea, and would definitely be interested in a set of these as well. Mark B.
  11. I second that comment. Very good job. At first glance the last picture looks like a F-4J going through a refurb program at a NARF (now kown as NADEP).
  12. Well for starters I remember their mail order operation. Now that was great service. But then again the USPS was a lot better too. Hoping they do do well. We can always use another good source for models, detail sets, tools and supplies. Now if only the model manufacturers will just make items for the m to sale.
  13. I apologize for the incorrect statement in my post above. Actually I got that information from my godfather sometime in the early 70s. He had spent 35 years in the Nevada ANG starting back in 1952 when they were flying F-51D Mustangs. He and his family were visiting my family in Chula Vista one summer and he saw my Revell P-51B and told me about the guns jamming due them being mounted at an angle. He said they remedied this on the D model by thinking the air foil width to mount the guns upright. I just took him at his word and never really doubted him because he had actually crawl
  14. Not to mention the D wing is thicker in chord than the B wing. The B had the 50 cals mounted leaning over to the side.
  15. Hi Cicciuzzo You have done some very great work on the Tamiya Brute. Looking forward to your progress on this one. It has taken be down memory lane reliving some of the issues I had with my build. I was hoping that these issues were of my own making, but alas I see they are common to all Tamiya 1/32 Phantoms. I am now eyeing the F-4C/D I have in the stash with some trepidation. Have a great week and stay well,
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