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  1. You can add Corvettes and Cherokees to that as well....
  2. Hey Grizzly, Reskit has set of Magic-2's in 1/32 scale. They are currently available at Sprue Brothers: https://spruebrothers.com/resrs320053-1-32-reskit-r-550-magic-2-missile/ It's highly probable they are available elsewhere as well...
  3. Hi John, Hope this helps, This is not as hard as it sounds. Paul Stoner showed me how to do it when I had a couple of warped Seamless Sucker intakes. Just cut the upper part of the front of the intakes off the fuselage and glue them to the two intake parts, B26, B42 and B27, B43. Glue the intakes into the exterior side fuselage parts A1 and A2. Then glue a piece of 10000 plastic sheet over the joint/bump in the mating area of the trunks and parts A1 and A2 as shown below. Use your favorite filler to blend in the step and sand a little and viola seamless intakes as shown below. Oh and tapping sand paper around these little guys really makes the sanding go a lot easier. All told I think a spent less than 4 hours total over two days (drying time for the kit parts does add a little down time) on both intakes from start to finish. Good luck with the build.
  4. Well as much as I'd love to put a VF-143 or VF-114 MiG Killer next to my VF-333 MiG Killer at $ 300+ that is just not going to happen. The thing I hate about this is if Phantom Phreaks does come out with a $ 300+ kit that does not sell well, Tamiya, Revell, and or Trumpeter will probably never make one.
  5. EGT testing? How thick was your asbestos suit? Sorry I couldn't resist...
  6. Judging by the Cheetah conversion comment I take you are talking about G-Factor's under carriage set for Revell Mirage IIIE or Mirage V kits? While I don't own an Italeri kit, Ido have two sets of G-Factor Mirage IIIE / MIrage V sets for each of the Revell Mirage kits I have. I bought them because I remembered that the main gears sagged like crazy on the Revell Mirage IIIE I built as teenager back in the '70s. Oh and they broke on several occasions as well to the point that I had to cut the gear off and hang the kit from the ceiling. If you are going to add a lot of resin to the Italeri kit I would try to adapt the G-Factor gears to fit the Italeri kit.
  7. To True Cheetah, I totally forgot about that. And since I did use those rear cockpits in an Revell F-4E I should have remembered that. So that makes it official, then Tamiya F-4J Marines is the kit to start with.
  8. Touche. Forgot about that point, but real model from CZ has replacement slotted stabilizers. Real Model Stabs . They are for Revell F-4 kits though so maybe there might be issues installing on Tamiya kits. So either way we are left with a bit of problem. Start with C/D kits and work on slotted stabs. Start with a J kit and work on rear cockpit and nose gear doors. And either way you are looking for exhaust nozzles. One wonders why Phantom Phreaks left out the doors?
  9. It depends on which F-4J boxing you have. Item # 60306 F-4J USN does not have the G spure with he rounded pylons while Item # 60308 F-4J USMC does. But my question was why use the “J” kit and not the “C/D” kit? Both the “J” kits and the “C/D” kits share the same fuselage part so why not use that kit as your basis? Could Phantom Phreaks have made a typo and meant to say use the “C/D” as the basis. Then you take care of the all the extra issues of nose landing gear doors, air force rear cockpit and the refueling door issues. Yes I know you now have to get after market exhaust nozzles, but that is a lot easier and cheaper than buying a Revell RF-4C or Tamiya F-4D/C kit for nose gear doors.
  10. Either way guys, the responses have been "If only, I would be in" or "A 1/35th CH-54? That's too big for my display space"(I'm in this category, although IF they include a working winch, a detachable cargo pod and a 105mm Howitzer, I just might find somewhere to display one) , so if they do or if they don't what difference does it make on a thread where we are just expressing our desire to have or not to have?
  11. So what difference does that make? So far from what I've read no one has said they (ICM) were releasing the kit, only stating their desire to buy or not to buy. If they do release a kit great. If they don't, it was a nice dream.
  12. Hey Hey see who I was replying too.... BTW They (Sprue Bros, Phantom Phreaks, and or the remnants of TAN) started this whole thing. I mean they (not sure if it is Dr. They or not) announced a whole new Phamily of 1/32 scale Phantoms and what shows up on the table at the IPMS USA National show in Vegas... a reboxed Revell RF-4C with a new decal sheet... And the RF-4C was not even mentioned the original announcement. Just saying.
  13. Well they only promised new tool fighter variants (F-4B/C/D/E/F/J/N/S and possibly British F-K/M). Maybe this was a way to kick start interest?
  14. Hey panzerrob, Don't forget to swap the instrument panels (part numbers J-270 and J-271) with the ones from the K sprue (part numbers K-254 and K-255). These are the panels Revell included in their F-4E kits.
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