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  1. Ok, but only becuase it's "serious research for a model company". In jets the F-4B/N and F-4K/M Phantom II would be Phabulous. The Mirages would be great as well. In props I could go with a really good Mosquito. Lots of different mark and marksings possible with that one... One question though, besides the aircraft represented, what "kind" of 1/32 scale kit are we talking about here? A super detailed wunder kit with 1000 parts (most of wich are hidden when built) or a simpler kit with good overall exterior detail and say a good cockpit and wheel wells?
  2. You are going to have to scratch up a set right now. The only ones I have ever seen/heard of were in the CE/Wild Hare conversion set. Last time I saw one ebay it went for $1200 USD...... Oh and am I correct in my memory that one of the bigger accuracy issues with making a UK Toom is that even though the fuselage was widened the overall wingspan was the same as the rest of the Phantom marks?
  3. Not meaning to hijack the thread but this is about F-4 Phantom load outs in Vietnam albeit USN load outs. I have often wondered why the USN flew with only 2 AIM-7s most of the time. I didn't realize that the USN only used 2 Sparrows until I did research on my VMF-333 F-4J. I mean the F-4B/J/N only had 8 shots max and they (USN) went in 2 down from the get go... Kind of adds a lot to Lt. Cunningham's and Lt. Driscoll's little exploit on 8 May 1972.
  4. Sorry I'm a little late with this but.... Tamiya's F-4J cockpit is closer to an F-4B/N than J since the front IP is actually a the AF C type from the top down to the Dog Bone. The first two pictures are of the cockpit of my Tamyia F-4J and I have highlighted the weapons selection panel in red in the second one. It was a late night and as I was working on the kit with an Edurad PE set using detail and scale's F-4 Phantom II Part 3 USN & USMC versions. It was a late night and when I went to remove the details off of the kit IP to add the Edurad PE set, I thought it was strange to remove some pretty good details (the raised button and lights) to replace it with a flat PE panel so I went to my reference and looked at the IP panel photo on page 35. There was the little red button and lights so I thought Aha..... Too bad I didn't see that I was looking at the "F-4N COCKPITS and not the F-4S COCKPITS on page 37. Like I said it was late at night. I wouldnt have known I had made the mistake, except that Lt. Col. John Sweeney USMC ret (a former F-4B/J/S RIO and later Pilot) took a look at the pictures and informed me of my boo boo . The third picture is form an F-4B training manual and as you can see, not only is the weapons selection panel closer to the F-4B/N so is the radar scope. As for the rear cockpit, the biggest difference besides the MB Mk H-5 seats in the B prior to 1972 is the location of the radar azimuth/slew control unit and handle. In the J the unit and handle are on the lower IP center console just below the radar scope. In the F-4B this unit and handle are on the right hand side of the radar scope attached to the cockpit wall.
  5. Well after 1 year I have managed to get the forward fuselage closed up But now I have an issue. The bottom did not fit well and I had to shim one side (yellow rectangle). And there is a seam/step where the fuselage sides overhang the bottom piece (red rectangle). I know that alot of the step will be hidden by the splitter plates, but I need to fix that font area by the nose gear well. Anyone have any suggestions on how to fix this? TIA
  6. Eric, The R-530 and Pylon were absolutely awesome! I will need two sets of the gear bays. Are you taking pre-orders?
  7. Here is my short list. WWII USAAF / USN North American P-51 Mustang (Allison V-1710 Engine) on par with the Tamiya P-51D North American P-51B Mustang (I know Tamiya may be doing one, but it won't hurt to let them know) Post-WWII USAF / USN McDonnell-Douglas F-4B Phantom II (yeah I know Boeing claims it' their Phantom but I just cannot put the words Boeing and Phantom in the same name. Have this trouble with the Bug planes as well) Post-WWII RAF / Royal Navy McDonnell-Douglas F-4K Phantom II (FRS1) McDonnell-Douglas F-4M Phantom II (GR1) Post-WWII Canada / Europe Dasault Mirage IIIE (Revel's is ok but really this is the 21st Century) Dasault Mirage 2000 (both Single and Twin Seat versions) 1/24th Scale Kits McDonnell-Douglas F-4 Phantom if not all at least the J and E variants.
  8. I second the third option. It really was not all that hard and cutting the intake parts off the fuselage has to be done anyway if you use the DMOLD replacements. Here are couple of in progress shots: This becomes this: Also note that you don't need to worry about the inner sides of the trunks since the curve of the trunking hides the seam.
  9. Hello, I'm back. To say it's been a while has been an under statement. I can't believe it's been a month short of 4 YEARS I hope to improve the glacial type pace (but what with the MSCE exams I have to take for work, I'm not holding my breath ) Anyway I have managed to modify and install the cockpits and get the forward fuesalage together over the weekend. Here's where the project is now: Forward fuselage Nose gear well has been installed in the lower fuselage The backs of the spltter plates have been backed with card and I have started the egine faces. Here are some cockpit shots: They are a mixture of Edurad, Legend and kit pieces. The rear cockpit was raised as well as having the floor lengthened. Front Rear
  10. Hi James, Before you spend $30 to $40 US dollars on the hard to find D-Molds or even more on the orginal CE intakes for the beast, you could try fixing them yourself. Paul Stoner sent me these two pictures and the fix turned out to be easier than using the resin solution since you use all of the kit parts and don't have to deal with the resin's "shrinkage" issues. I got these results. And if you wait long enough the CE parts may be available once again sooner than we think. I just got an email from Mr. Klaus stating he is putting Meteor Producitons on the market for serious bidders. He calls it a model shop in a box. Maybe some of these hard to get items won't be so hard to get in the future. Maybe... Click here for Dk's Announcement on Fine Art of Decals To quote:
  11. Just ordered two sets. As Jozef stated it has been way toooooooo loooooooong for these. Now if we could just get some one to work up a great new cockpit......
  12. Derek, You will definitely be getting an order for any Beaufighter sets you do! I've always hated the fact that there has never been any aftermarket stuff for this kit besides the Lodello stuff. Thanks. Mark B.
  13. I have enough plastic in boxes in the closet. What I need is for NETC N7 to pull their collective heads out of their arses and realize that they need to get a overall IT plan in place for the Navy. Then maybe I'll be able to get some time off to build some of the plastic in boxes in the closet. But an Academy F/A-18 would be a great little gift from the Mrs. As for a New Year's wish mine is pretty simple, Tamiya 1/32 F-4B with VF-111 MiG Killer decals. Merry Christmas, Mark B.
  14. Great work. I only have one question for you, "WHEN?" I will be needing two for sure and if you are planning on getting them done in, oh I don't know, say sometime in the next 3 months or so I might need 3.
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