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  1. There is also the superb HMH publications book. Very very highly recommended. Book made by Nic a very good modeler here on LSP.
  2. Good to know you can mix them, I need to mix the purple color for the WNW Junkers D.1
  3. I had always airbrush problems using lifecolor or vallejo, stepped to mrp and problems gone. Love using them, the metal colors are ok. Mixing them with Tamiya i don’t know, but i use Tamiya airbrush cleaner with this paint. I just use vallejo with a brush for little detail. Bought a spraybooth and a mask not to inhale much fumes.
  4. Again looked inside the box, it is going to be a long build. Any idea where I can find info about the interior colors from nose to tail.
  5. Yes let the Bombers come, Dornier, Hallifax, Wellington, B-26 and more. Love it. Like Eagle Driver said it’s a good price for such a big kit. Can wait for the WNW it’s gone a be a long year of waiting.
  6. I think it is what you can expect from HB and Trumpeter, it’s not WNW. But I am happy there is a B-24. And every kit has his problem even the in this forum beloved Tamiya kits. If you want accurecy then buy a 1/1 scale. Just build it and enjoy the hobby.
  7. Lot of negatieve people, rivett counters. But you know this before, why you bought the kit. Who is the monkey then.
  8. OK, that is good news, kits and world decals are preparing decals for the kit.
  9. Superb, when I saw this build, I went further up the web and bought the kit. Thanks for the inspiration.
  10. Now the J version is almost on my shelf, bring on the D- model in superb desert color. Yes
  11. Jennings is spot on. I think Matt only excist in the modelworld. I use Mr paint semi gloss or semi Matt.
  12. Just type B-24 1/32 on eBay, objectlocation: Europe. Seller is ms-plueth.
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