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  1. Nice one, and now a decal on the F-86D version. Would love it.
  2. Yes, ordered a decal sheet in Australia in March. Also not arrived yet.
  3. Superb, love that plane. I buy one or two.
  4. Hi, you can go to there webpage hmh-publications. In the shop menu you can find the books and retailers. Are ask Nico here on LSP. Have them all, quality is superb.
  5. I think I have to order the last two sheets also
  6. There is also the superb HMH publications book. Very very highly recommended. Book made by Nic a very good modeler here on LSP.
  7. Good to know you can mix them, I need to mix the purple color for the WNW Junkers D.1
  8. I had always airbrush problems using lifecolor or vallejo, stepped to mrp and problems gone. Love using them, the metal colors are ok. Mixing them with Tamiya i don’t know, but i use Tamiya airbrush cleaner with this paint. I just use vallejo with a brush for little detail. Bought a spraybooth and a mask not to inhale much fumes.
  9. Again looked inside the box, it is going to be a long build. Any idea where I can find info about the interior colors from nose to tail.
  10. Yes let the Bombers come, Dornier, Hallifax, Wellington, B-26 and more. Love it. Like Eagle Driver said it’s a good price for such a big kit. Can wait for the WNW it’s gone a be a long year of waiting.
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