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  1. The only way we would know for sure is by knowing the Bu Number on the tail
  2. The -3 windscreens had a armored glass behind it and appeared to be rounded in front and no upper brace. The -5s had armored glass glass Incorporated in the windscreen and appears flatter on the front with an upper brace The top drawing is a -3 and the middle and bottom are -5 Canopies. However there may difference among productions runs
  3. The early F^F-5. had side windows like the -3. The difference is in the cowlings the -3's had an exhaust fairing in front of the upper exhausts, the -5's didn't have any. Hope that helps
  4. Thanks for the tip, His work is magnificent
  5. I was about ready to chew you out for the missing screws on the cowl (aka F.O.D)...fantastic Jim
  6. The history of this bird alone is worth keeping track of this thread, watching the build is even better. Jim
  7. Inspirational, this isn't an ordinary build but a P-51 Seminar Jim
  8. Looking good. Can't wait to see more
  9. Like with what I am seeing so far
  10. Impressive kit and an interesting subject. Can't wait to see it finished. Jim
  11. Hi, My name is Jim Emerson. Needless to say I am impressed by the builds on this site and inspired to improve on my skills. I have more time on my hand since I retired from the Air Force.
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