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  1. Jim E

    New Cockpit Pictures F-4C/D and RF-4C

    A must have. Save for later
  2. Jim E

    Leaving E bay Announcement

    Great! I was looking to get some F-105 and F4 parts Jim
  3. Jim E

    A Flogger-G done right

    Thanks for the tip, His work is magnificent
  4. Jim E

    Tamiya P51D/K.

    Great recovery, looks great
  5. Jim E

    Mustang...1/18nth Scale

    I was about ready to chew you out for the missing screws on the cowl (aka F.O.D)...fantastic Jim
  6. Jim E

    Michigan ANG F-4C Mig Killer

    The history of this bird alone is worth keeping track of this thread, watching the build is even better. Jim
  7. Jim E

    Mustang...1/18nth Scale

    Inspirational, this isn't an ordinary build but a P-51 Seminar Jim
  8. Jim E

    Revell 1/32 HE-111 P-1

    Looking good. Can't wait to see more
  9. Jim E

    CyberHobby (Dragon) Bf109E4

    Like with what I am seeing so far
  10. Jim E

    1/32 MiG-27M

    Impressive kit and an interesting subject. Can't wait to see it finished. Jim
  11. Jim E

    It's time again for a Roll Call....

    Hi, My name is Jim Emerson. Needless to say I am impressed by the builds on this site and inspired to improve on my skills. I have more time on my hand since I retired from the Air Force.