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  1. D'oh! Responded to the PM before I read through these posts. I have put my name in the notes bit so I hope that helps Sorry, Rick
  2. Great job. PM inbound Thanks, Rick
  3. Funds incoming. Thanks for sorting, Rick
  4. Received my sets from Ali yesterday - beautifully cast and crystal clear Rick
  5. I would chase them up Alan (after checking your junk Mail etc), in all of the dealings I’ve had with them they’ve typically replied to my emails within a day Rick
  6. PM to Phartycr0c re masks
  7. Hi Ali, I can do that, saves Anthony sending his halfway around the world...I’ll PM you unless you beat me to it...Rick
  8. Ant, from your photos I'm leaning more towards surgery than butchery for that effort, a gutsy move Rick
  9. Hi Jan, Mine arrived safely today - superb set of parts - thank you Rick
  10. Two sets added to my Hannants back order list, thanks for the heads up John
  11. I’ve got the set, will dig them out when I get back from work Rick
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