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  1. Two sets added to my Hannants back order list, thanks for the heads up John
  2. I’ve got the set, will dig them out when I get back from work Rick
  3. Cool, a 1/24 from Airfix will do me very nicely, will be a great pairing with a 1/24 EE Lightning
  4. Andy, That is a special build, your jaw must be aching from all the grinning at that result, outstanding work. Thank you for sharing your work along the way I, and no doubt several others, will be dipping into this thread when it makes it's way onto the bench Rick
  5. Absolutely stunning Chris, if the one in my stash scrubs up half as nicely I will be rather happy - being something of a 'fraidy cat I will probably opt for a less taxing scheme - thank you, and the other guys I'm following still at the WIP, for leading the way, i have learnt a lot from this process Rick
  6. Looking really, really good, and to echo the earlier posts don't mess with the mottling... :)
  7. Tagging along with this one, I also have John's conversion in the 'to do' pile pending completion of the long overdue man cave
  8. Hi David, Tagging along for this ride, good luck with your build and 'Happy Birthday!' Best regards, Rick
  9. Hi Eric, PWMP in Belgium produces the parabrake you're after Email JP at plasticworld@skynet.be for a list of his products Regards Rick
  10. An absolutely stunning result Don and thanks for letting us tag along the way Rick
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