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    billwinkes reacted to Violator1991 in 1/32 De Havilland Sea Venom FAW.22   
    Hello everyone,
    My first model in LSP, a Sea Venom of De Havilland by Revell in 1/32nd scale. Pretty good kit and could have been prettier with more surface details, which I took the liberty of being too lazy to add. Straight OOB. Thank you in advance for all your comments.

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    billwinkes reacted to Oldbaldguy in Aircraft Camouflage Patterns/Schemes   
    I was 12 years old before I found out that Zeros were not yellow and P-38s were not metallic blue and FW-190s did not look like a ripe eggplant.  That realization changed my life forever.
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    billwinkes reacted to Jennings Heilig in Aircraft Camouflage Patterns/Schemes   
    Wait just a darn minute.  You mean to tell me that Me-109s *weren’t* bright red all over?!?!

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    billwinkes reacted to Uncarina in Review of the 1/48 Lancaster on The Modeling News   
    Includes comparison photos of the actual aicraft, the 1/32 release, and the 1/48 Tamiya release.
    Cheers,  Tom
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    billwinkes reacted to John Stambaugh in Expectations and reality   
    Hello fellow LSP modelers, I write today to make an admission and an explanation with the hope that there are others who will understand. 
     I returned to the hobby in 2018 with the expectation of turning out some 1st class works of art. After all I had studied the tips and techniques of the masters via print and countless videos.
     I must say that I soon became somewhat intimidated after viewing the fantastic works at the shows and of course here at LSP. 
     And so I began. After stumbling through the first few kits I came to realize that this is harder than I remember and I am lacking in the attribute called patience. Hmm..
     So I redoubled my efforts and did improve - somewhat. 
     I now have eleven completed models and am diligently working on # twelve and have come to realize that there will be no 1st, 2nd or 3rd place trophies in my modeling future.
     But you know what? 
    I'm fine with that because I realize that when I open that box and start cutting styrene- I am 12 years old again. Add to that the awe and admiration that I feel when I look at the beautiful design of man's astounding achievement... to fly!
     And so I will continue to strive for better skill in the art of model making knowing that I will only ever rate as decent, but as long as I can finish a kit, set it on the shelf and say to myself; that is one cool looking airplane then I am content. 
     Happy modeling 
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    billwinkes reacted to Rascal in Trumpeter 1/32 English Electric Lightning   
    My all time favourite jet aircraft. It was hard to find this now discontinued kit so when I saw one come up on ebay I swooped on it. The build was really straightforward as this kit has very few parts, I added a quickboost ejection seat and a metal pitot tube, but an out the box build apart from that. This was my first time using any resin accessories, certainly impressive detail on the seat even if my painting skills don’t quite match them.
    This was also my first attempt at a metal finished aircraft so a bit of a challenge. I used Alclad 2 black primer as a basecoat then Alclad lacquer paints. The majority was painted in Aluminium, with polished aluminium, steel, dark aluminium and magnesium used to pick out some areas and give a bit of shade variation. Alclad Signal red was used for the red areas. The paint scheme was for the Firebirds display team – what a sight and sound that must have been…
    A gloss Vallejo varnish was applied followed by a black wash.
    Decals next to be followed by the canopy….
    And then it went wrong, I turned by back for 5 minutes on my dog, and to my horror when I came back in the room discovered a canopy completely chewed to bits. One hard lesson learnt.
    In desperation I emailed trumpeter and scoured the internet to see if I could source a replacement but knowing that this model went out of production over 10 years ago I knew I was clutching at straws. I also dropped a message on the large scale planes forum, hoping that someone could point me in the right direction.
    Huge thanks are due to Max aka Mozart from LSP who came to my rescue and offered me a spare canopy, which he duly sent me and rescued my build. I tried to pay for it but Max wouldn’t hear of it. I can’t thank you enough Max, I would have been gutted if my Lightning had been of the open top variety. Hopefully I can repay the favour some day.
    The base is from Coastal Kits.
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    billwinkes reacted to Whitey in Kitty Hawk 1/32 Kingfisher RAAF Antarctic Flight 1948   
    Here is my 1/32 Kitty Hawk OS2U Kingfisher in the guise of RAAF A48-13, Antarctic Flight 1948.

    The RAAF operated 24 Kingfishers during WWII for seaplane training and coastal surveillance. Early in 1948 A48-13, resplendent in high visibility yellow paint was transported to Antarctica on Australia's first post-war expedition to Australian Antarctic Territory onboard an elderly HMAS Wyatt Earp. 55 hours flying was undertaken in Antarctic waters but the difficulty in launching and retrieving it from a small ship limited the use of the Kingfisher. The severe conditions and the bumps and scrapes from assembling and dismantling the aircraft had a huge impact on the paint surface. It took 5 hours to assemble the aircraft and to launch it and the same to retrieve and dismantle it on the small deck. It was assembled and dismantled 3 times during the voyage. With only limited availability for observation duties the Kingfisher was returned to Australia and stored for possible further use but was finally offered for disposal in 1953. It's fate afterwards is unknown.
    Kitty Hawk's Kingfisher is a really nice kit with lots of subtle detail and it looks the part in all examples I have seen built.
    There are some fiddly bits and poor instructions, but nothing that could not be overcome with some brain power and patience. The engine assembly, exhausts and mounts was one of the awkward parts in that it had to be all straight to ensure that the cowlings were able to put on properly.  The wing float attachment to the wings could be better engineered but at the end of build it is all there and looking the goods.

    The guns and associated paraphernalia was removed and some fine cigar box packing was trimmed to simulate floorboards and a working table in the rear cockpit.
    Eduard photoetch was also added to both the front and rear cockpits. Homemade springs were made for the pilot's seat adjustment.

    MRP Silver Primer was used over the entire airframe to and some hair spray in various areas to affect the extensive chipping present on the airframe, before spraying with SMS Trainer Yellow and paint ripped off several areas. It initially looked overdone so I then overpainted some of the chips to simulate corrosion control by the crew.
    EZI-Line was used for float rigging and aerials with some white paint to simulate the insulators. Aircraft serial number from Ronan Decals.

    This is the real thing on the water beside Wyatt Earp.

    I still have to make up the DF loop housing on the front panel of the rear canopy.


    Even the fin is offset to counteract the torque of the prop.





    Overall a nice kit of a lovely aircraft with a unique history that was both challenging and enjoyable to build. 
    Thanks to my Queensland Copper mate for the loan of Red Roo Models' "Kingfishers of the Antipodes".
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    billwinkes reacted to spook in KH Mirage 2000 1/32 - image Host changed   
    Hi all
    Here my last built: the KH Mirage 2000
    I built it as a Mirage 2000-5, I used AK paint.
    HHope you'll like it













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    billwinkes reacted to Scotsman in Hunter F6 56 Squadron 1960 RAF Wattisham   
    I challenged myself to see if I really could build a decent(ish)  model is the run up to christmas, I started it on the 1st , and finished it on the 16th , which I guess is some kind of record for me. It's the old and always enjoyable Recell Hunter F6 , this time straight from the box, apart from a Resin seat , and the use of pre cut masks for the camo, only the second time in using them , but what a difference it made to the painting process .





    Oh and update coming on the F-100F project coming soon 
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    billwinkes reacted to ivanmoe in Blast from the Past (Monogram F3F-3)   
    Found this on Ebay and slapped it together:

    I thought it would be fun to build the model with all the "working options" fully functional. I have to admit, however, that the kit really show it's age. A member added the F3F to a running wish-list, here on the forum, a couple of days ago. The F3F certainly strikes me as a worthy offering in that regard. For now, modelers will almost certainly be more satisfied with the Accurate Miniatures 1/48 F3F-1/2 if they want a nice, scale model of Grumman's little "beer-bottle" of a plane.
    More pics of the model, these with the main landing gear deployed:

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    billwinkes reacted to John1 in Strike Wing Mosquito FB.VI   
    Calling it done on this year long project.    Kit is Tamiya's magnificent (dare I say the best scale aircraft model ever released) Mossie, with a boatload of scratch built details (I think I put over 200 extra items into the weapons bay alone), Barracuda cockpit decals and other bits, AIMS 100 gal slipper tanks and Avieology decals for No. 333 (Norwegian) Squadron.  Thanks to everyone on this site who patiently answered my hundreds of questions and provided additional information.  
    Here's the real thing, it matches up very well with the one photo available of KK-Q.

















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    billwinkes reacted to Miloslav1956 in Bf 109G-10 Erla, 3.JG300, Prague-Kbely,May 1945   
    My first finished model in this year.
    Revell kit 1/32
    Aires cockpit,
    Eduard wheels,
    HGW riveting set, wet transfers, seat belts,
    Barracuda exhaust & decals Montex mask,
    All colours MRP


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    billwinkes reacted to Zactoman in Zactomodels new website!   
    Have a look at my new website!!! https://zactomodels.com
    A big thank you to the modelers whose pictures you'll see on my homepage.
    A huge thank you to Marcel and Miro who took multiple pictures of their kits until the lighting and  pose of the images worked together so that I could merge them for the hero-pic. Thank you for tolerating my AMS!
    My old website was cluttered, crowded, not mobile friendly and way beyond obsolete.
    Not having a clue about building websites made this a real challenge.
    The site still needs a lot of work. I was mostly focused on making the homepage and store before going live.
    The "about us" page and "shipping details" are temporary and will be filled in when I get the time.
    The "privacy policy" and "terms and conditions" are copy/pasted standard legal mumbo-jumbo that nobody reads or cares about.
    I do plan to eventually add a customer build gallery and probably a few other pages for faqs, news, tutorials, etc. Just need more time...
    Please let me know what you think, if you find any problems or have any suggestions.
    Happy New Year!

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    billwinkes reacted to Miloslav1956 in Bf 109G-10/U4/R3 W.Nr. 770269 Furth   
    1/32 Hasegawa kit Aires cockpit, exhaust, scoop, camera RB product PE wheels bay HGW seat belts, stencils Eduard Look instrument panel Barracuda wheels All painting mask homemade. All colours MRP Figures CMK - paint: Roman Fittl Base handmade Martin Kunc    

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    billwinkes reacted to sandbagger in 1:32nd scale Nieuport 28C.1   
    Hi all,
    Here's the completed 1:32nd scale Nieuport N.28C1, Serial No.6177, of the 95th Aero Squadron, 1st Pursuit Group, operating from Saints aerodrome, France, during 1918 and as flown by 1st Lt. Quentin Roosevelt.
    As usual I've uploaded a fully detailed build log on Gallery 3 on my site (link in signature).
    Forum build log here:










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    billwinkes reacted to mpk in How did you spend your Christmas?   
    I had a nice Christmas eve.
    I was invited to a student's dad's place for am early dinner. I only knew 2 people there, my 14 year old student and his dad. It was a small group, 5 kids and 3 adults.
    We had lovely burgers and coffee brewed in an Italian coffee machine from the 1950's. Lovely coffee. 
    After dinner we were chatting around the table. The teenagers began discussing their musical tastes, mainly rap, and I was very interested to learn of their tastes. I asked how they find new music. Spotify and friends, was the answer.
    Eventually I was asked about my musical tastes. As I don't care about styles, I told them I find music while searching the internet. Usually my answer is enough, but I was pressed for more information. 
    After 45 minutes my speaking came to an end. I'd been surprised to see my audience hanging on my every word with questions interspersed from time to time.
    I was able to show them how musical styles are interconnected. How the cross cultural/history is really one entity. Of course being a percussionist, I focused primarily on the movement of rhythm. Why The United States does not have a hand drumming tradition and the reason why. And how South America kept hand drums. Cuba and everywhere the trade did business. Indian music, ancient Greece and even bands playing at the Games in ancient Rome.
    I was delighted to see teenagers so interested. The adults had many questions.
    On Christmas day I worked on a Revell spitfire Mk.IIa. A present for the Dad of my student. He is a Brit and lives the Spitfire.
    All in all a very satisfying and surprising Christmas. 
    How about you?
    I was told to start a podcast.
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    billwinkes reacted to red Dog in KFIR COA C10 from Revell Mirage V   
    A late 60 aircraft with modern weapons:
    Mirage V Blue thunder Revell 1/32
    Isracast KFIR C2 conversion
    Isracast Spice 1000Lbs gliding bomb
    Brass gears
    Resin C10 nose (thank you Cheetah)
    Sufa bits: Python AA missiles, Litening pod, pilot
    Homemade decals
    Homemade masks
    Coastal kit blurred runway base
    Paints: Gunze H305/ (H311+H308) / H306 (nose)
    Started July 2020 - ended December 2020
    Apologies for the grainy pictures, the light outside is quite dull, I'll try to update the pictures when I have better conditions:







    WIP is on the in progress section:  here
    Happy modelling
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    billwinkes reacted to mpk in Tribute to Finnish Air Force 1939-1945   
    Tribute to Finnish Air Force 1939-1945
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    billwinkes reacted to X15 in Hurricane PCM 1/32 Douglas Bader   
    Hi everybody,
    For the Battle of Britain 80eme aniversary i buit this Douglas Bader Hurricane from the Pacific Coast Models kit. Not an easy kit !!
    Paint with Tamiya and Gunze and oil paint weathering.

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    billwinkes reacted to alain11 in don't throw away your used toothpicks any more   
    hi gents
    yes , indeed , keep your used ( or new  ) toothpicks . Here is a simple , and efficient way to paint jet exhaust nozzle ..........a good idea I picked up on the French Forum "master 194" 
    a good idea must be shared   
    thank you Mr Gruson

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    billwinkes reacted to Koralik in B-24D Liberator Hobby Boss 1:32   
    This time a plane with propellers.
    The model, as usual, is made straight from the box.
    B-24D Liberator from Hobby Boss in 1:32 scale, very weak model. And the idea of making plastic landing gear legs is an absolute mistake!!!.
    It doesn't make sense to write any more because I have nothing good to write about this kit.

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    billwinkes reacted to discus in P-47D French AF [Trumpeter 1/32]   
    Here is my latest built: P-47D "Bubbletop" from trumpeter in French AF colors, Lafayette squadron.
    Nice kit overall except the complext turbocharger system that is totally useless as fully hidden in the fuselage (except that it support the cockpit tub).
    I used some goodies:
    - HGW fabric seatbelts
    - Master guns and pitot tube
    - Berna decals
    - Yahu models PE instrument panel
    - Eduard Brassin Rocket launchers (not sure they were actually used by the french jugs but since I had them anyway...)
    As usual this is brush painted. I used Vallejo Metal Cote Aluminum for the overall surfaces and Duralumin for the upper wings weapon panels.
    Other colors are usual Humbrol enamels.
    And now, I have to close down the modeler's shop to prepare for a move. And I have to pack 80+ kits hoping the unavoidable damages will stay limited.







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    billwinkes reacted to quang in Dora Wings - Dewoitine D.500/501/510 in 1/32 scale   
    I'm ready

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    billwinkes reacted to aquatarkus10 in Pacific WWII B-25 J "Strafer" 1/32 HK model kit   
    Hi to all,
     I present the B-25 model in MWP (Metal Work Panels) version completely covered in aluminum (metal tape), customized & detailed in the following optional version:
    North American B-25 J Mitchell "Lady Lil" (correct nose for this version ) Hong Kong Models kit 1/32 scale model - version: 498thBs "Falcons", 345bth Bomber Group " Air Apaches" 5th AF in Philippines, May 1945 :















    for more info & pics :http://www.adventurephotomodels.com
     Thanks for the attention
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    billwinkes got a reaction from MARU5137 in PZL P.6 1931 from scratch scale 1/32   
    Truly inspiring work! As my skills do not remotely approach yours, I’m inspired to buy and build IBG’s PZL P.11C kit. 
    thank you for your build thread. 
    Bill Winkes (Wienczkowski)
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