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  1. Truly inspiring work! As my skills do not remotely approach yours, I’m inspired to buy and build IBG’s PZL P.11C kit. thank you for your build thread. Bill Winkes (Wienczkowski)
  2. I am. Urgently mid-build of a Trumpeter, SU-25UB. Very pleasant build. I recommend it.
  3. I don’t suppose building two Italeri F-104’s counts as a multi-engine build, does it? Bill Winkes
  4. Excellent job on this kit. I’ve just picked up the TF-104G, your build is a guide and inspiration. Thank you.
  5. Long, long ago, in a galaxy far, far away, I converted a Monogram 1/48th Hurricane to resemble an IK-3. Probably my first radical conversion. Used a couple of pounds of putty. I’ve always been fascinated by the aircraft of the small states of Europe, pre-WWII.
  6. Mighty purty. The Ford has always been a favorite of mine. Your rendering certainly does it justice. Best of luck at the contest! Bill
  7. A favorite scheme. The yellow version is on my future build list. Superb job, sir!
  8. Beautiful job on a difficult camouflage. I have a sweet spot for Romanian Aircraft as my son is Romanian. Your 109 is superb. Wish I could model as well. Thanks Bill
  9. Welcome, welcome. Your SU-25 is spectacular. I'm currently working on the Trumpeter SU-25ub, same camo. I hope mine approaches yours.
  10. Thank you for posting your excellent build. It motivates mr to continue my own Su-25ub.
  11. The NF-104 is one of my favorite aircraft -- X15, junior. I'd be part of the market for the conversion.
  12. billwinkes


    Good Lord ... I know the feeling! Bill Winkes
  13. A likely source, but in 1/48th, will be Syhart.
  14. I'd love to have the early Hunter bits and pieces. Lots of lovely schemes.
  15. I know what you are feeling. I entered the AMPS Nationals for the first time and was awarded a Silver Medal for Basic closed top armor. i was amazed and gratified. It certainly is motivation to build better (and maybe, more) models. Bill
  16. The Hurricane is relly a stuning scheme. Somw lovely work there. Bill
  17. You have a profoundly defective unit!!! Mine stared up, without drama, and is so quiet it cannot be heard in an adjacent room with the door closed when running on the lower setting. I would contact the company you bought it from and arrange for a replacement. The electrical short is reason enough to return it. This is really a safety issue. Bill
  18. I followed yqour build closely and the finished product is simply stunning. Bill
  19. Received this compressor yesterday. I plugged it in and shot some MM RLM76 on a couple of '109's today. it was very easy to set up, attach the airbrush hose. Air pressure is easy to adjust and it holds pressure well. If you are considering a relatively inexpensive, tank-type compressor, I recommend it. It is available for about $256, delivered. Bill
  20. Since I have one in the stash, I'll be following your build carefully. Bill
  21. Wonderful Spit. Just the scheme I would have used! Spped Silver really suits the Mk XVI. Bill
  22. Truly a superb rendition of just about my favorite P-51D. Now I have to find a different scheme for my model (when I build it) since I'll never approach your level of craftsmanship. Thanks for a super model. Bill
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