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  1. Funnily enough, It was looking at another completed build of this model on a forum that made me go for this paint scheme - it was a lot of masking though! Look forward to seeing yours when its done.
  2. Thanks for the kind comments guys - I'm not at the level of most people on here but slowly getting a bit better with each build (I hope!).
  3. Absolutely stunning - I always get inspiration to get better and better with my models when I go on here. So many talented people! Superb model.
  4. Looks fantastic - excellent work!
  5. Hi everyone, Finally finished this Trumpeter kit, and my last model for a while I think now that summer is beginning to appear. I thought the 2 seater version of the A-10 would make quite an unusual model and something a bit different. It was quite an involved build, so I took my time. I went for a "flipper" paint scheme which isn't accurate to this particular A-10, but I thought it more interesting than the original dark grey. I changed the instrument panel in the front to a coloured photo etched one I had, but the rear one is as it came out the box - no detail at all
  6. Stunning Tornado - looks superb.
  7. Thanks - you're too kind. I'm not up to the standard of most folks on here, but trying to get better. Need to sort the canopies out when I get a chance.
  8. Revell 1:32 Tornado GR1 Foxy Killer I have a squadron print of this aircraft signed by Flt Lt John Peters who was shot down in the first Gulf War, so when this kit came out I had to get one... I preshaded the panel lines in black then sprayed the model with Vallejo desert yellow, followed by a black Vallejo wash and a little bit of dry brushing on some areas. The tail fin area was given a bit of extra weathering for the exhaust gasses. Exhaust nozzles were done in Alclad 2 shades. A metal pitot probe was added to finish off and it is sitting on a Coastal Kit
  9. Hi guys - this is my attempt at Revell's 1:32 Phantom. After assembly, panel lines were preshaded in black then the model was painted with Alclad 2 in the European colour scheme. The metal areas of the tail were also painted with Alclad. The model then got a coat of Alclad Klear prior to applying a wash which turned out to be a bit of a mistake. The Klear coat just didn’t cure properly and was still slightly tacky after more than a week so it was really difficult avoiding finger prints. The wash was eventually applied and removed with a cotton bud and a little thinner. Finally deca
  10. My all time favourite jet aircraft. It was hard to find this now discontinued kit so when I saw one come up on ebay I swooped on it. The build was really straightforward as this kit has very few parts, I added a quickboost ejection seat and a metal pitot tube, but an out the box build apart from that. This was my first time using any resin accessories, certainly impressive detail on the seat even if my painting skills don’t quite match them. This was also my first attempt at a metal finished aircraft so a bit of a challenge. I used Alclad 2 black primer as a basecoat then Alclad la
  11. Mike - no problem at all. I'll be posting some stuff soon I promise, as soon as I get a handle on how to upload photos etc. I recently built the Revell gulf war tornado and Revell F4 Phantom. Trumpeter Lightning is the current work in progress. I have to confess I was pretty desperate given what happened to the model so apologies for not following the rules properly. Iain
  12. PM sent to you Mozart - thank you!!! What a relief to have found one.....
  13. Hi everyone. I recently got hold of a discontinued 1/32 Trumpeter EE Lightning kit. I've recently got back into modelling and with the Lightning being my favourite jet, I've been trying to make a decent job of it. Unfortunately I've had a bit of a disaster today. While painting the model, I very stupidly left the canopy on my living room table only to discover when I returned a few minutes later that my dog had climbed up on the table, had destroyed the front canopy and chewed the rear section to bits. So I've now got a model with no canopy - does anyone have any ideas please where I might be
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