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  1. Building a vintage Monogram 1/48 (I know-I Know not LSP) and in dire need of decals. Kit decals are shot. Desired set is the Caracal set but I have not been able to find one anywhere. Any reasonable price is fine and I will happily pay shipping. Thanks a Bunch, Dick
  2. Night Hog

    Mustang hybrid.......

    Carry on. If you finish this ambitious project, the ZM kit will come to market the day you finish,
  3. Night Hog

    Second mirage pilot, stepping out, by Reedoak

    The second step is gonna be a dusey........
  4. Night Hog

    Dremel type tools

    Is there anything out there that has a slower speed (>5000RPM) than a Moto-tool. These old 76-year-old hands aren't as steady as they used to be. I remember that years ago Exacto had a low speed battery powered drill. Perfect for drilling small holes in styrene bu probably not strong enough for grinding. Is there anything out there for us old-timers? Thx, Dick
  5. Night Hog

    RF-101 model At Smithsonian

    Port intake looks a little weird?
  6. Any Stateside retailers?
  7. Night Hog

    Revell new die P-51 D-5

    Sorry Jennings. export not import. I haven't found a US source that has a normal retail supply. Those few that have them are scamming them (IMHO).
  8. Night Hog

    Revell new die P-51 D-5

    Does anyone have any idea if the new Revell Germany intends to import this kit? I noticed that Hobby Models has taken the kit out of it’s catalog. It disturbs me because I paid for two of these kits in February and now Hobby Models refuses to answer my inquires of even acknowledge my existence for the last two months.
  9. Night Hog

    New, clean topic: HB B-24 Test Shot Photos

    Thanks Ian.
  10. Night Hog

    New, clean topic: HB B-24 Test Shot Photos

    This may be a redundant question but I'll ask anyway. Are plans in the work for a "D". I have always thought of the D Model "Tidal Wave" bird represented the best of the Liberator. Several MoH birds.
  11. I was also disappointed with the first set of one part exhausts/shrouds. I would like to try again. How can obtain the new shrouded exahausts (2 part)?
  12. Night Hog

    Model Monkey P-51D 3D-Printed Exhausts

    Reserve two sets for me!! 1/32
  13. Night Hog

    Model Monkey P-51D 3D-Printed Exhausts

    Any news about the exhaust shrouds? Need two sets to go with the stacks.
  14. Night Hog

    Model Monkey P-51D 3D-Printed Exhausts

    Any thought for carb air intake plates (perforated). Your product looks great