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  1. Ted; Where are you getting replacement turrets? Mike B
  2. Alex I'm very excited about what you have accomplished so quickly. Did you happen to see the engineering drawings posted on the Hyperscale forum? Your parts look good, but by using these drawings, they could be PERFECT I want to get in on this development as I can see this as the best way to do a separate variant for the Dumbo nose radome. I like your idea of uploading the basic 3D drawing to Sketchup and letting others print it or modify it. I'm game, anyways. As for internal structure, building it into your 3D model is a double-edged sword. You really need to make sure the kit-supplied floor structure fits or else new structure will be required. Please contact me off-line at info@belcherbits.com for further discussion. Mike
  3. Yeah, that's me. I have a few items for LSP fans coming out. My scale is 1/48, but I can be tricked into other scales Mike Belcher
  4. Oh, my. I have a problem. I just got this kit and had plans to make a 'Dumbo' chin radome for a GR.V. When I opened the box and looked at the front clear part, I was shocked. It is clearly the wrong shape, being MUCH too wide at the bottom. If I cut the base of this part off and made my radome to fit it, it would be way too wide. Because this clear part fits the front of the fuselage, it also means the forward fuselage is also too wide. I'm not sure how or even IF this issue could be fixed. I don't want to be that guy who delights in pointing out flaws in Hobby Boss kits; I would rather the kit have been done right. I am attaching a photo showing the nose clear part from the front, with the Hobby Boss part on the left, and the same part from a 1/48 Monogram B-24D on the right. I am also attaching a couple supporting things I have got from the net via Carl Wimmi.
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