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    I like all types of models, aircraft, cars, space craft, ships and you get the idea. I build plastic model kits mostly bui every so often I will scratch build or kit bash a model.

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  1. Texas

    Italeri Sabre in 1/32nd scale

    Looks Great....Nice job on that kit... Texas
  2. Texas

    Trumpter A-10

    Thanks Guys....Hope to beat this in a few months and get back to doing what I love....Building Models... Texas
  3. Texas

    Trumpter A-10

    Well progress on this project has slowed to a crawl at the moment...I have been diagnosed with cancer and started chemo today...I will still be working when I can and reporting the progress as I make some headway... Texas
  4. Texas

    T-33 just landed

    Thanks Harold....Those hints should help out....... Texas
  5. Texas

    trumpy A-10

    Glad to see someone else interrested in the big A-10 kit.....I am no expert but I have had one in the works for quite a while... The Trumpter kit is not a true A-10A and has some bumps and widgets that belong on the later variants....The best suggestion I can make is: Do Your Research on the bird your building.... I believe Verlinden has two resin sets for it and one is a cockpit set....True Detail still has the Black Box cockpit set listed. Not sure but I thank both are A-10A cockpits.... Here is some links to my build here on LSP.... I am down to the short strokes but still have a ways to go...If you have any questions fire away and I will try to answer them... http://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?showtopic=19804 http://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.ph...l=Trumpter+A-10 http://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?showtopic=28191 Hope this gets you started in the right direction.... Texas
  6. Texas

    Converting a F4J to F4B/N

    I have been thanking along those lines for several years and plan on giving it a try some day....Like you say the cockpit is a different story and have hoped someone would do one but no joy....I thank the big thing with the cockpit is the rear seaters left side wall and console.... Texas
  7. Texas

    F-4b - more pics/info

    Still Looks Great......I really like those markings.....and you did an excellant job.... Texas
  8. Texas

    Converting a F4J to F4B/N

    Cam also had a conversion set way back when, but it wasn't considered very good at the time. I have a couple in the stash but havent looked at them in quite some time....Wasn't as hard to find as I thought....Here's some photos.... Texas
  9. Texas

    Hurricanes over Duxford

    Great Photos.....Thanks for sharing.... Texas
  10. Texas

    Kinetic F-86

    It's not a easy kit to build but with some careful planing and construction it can be a fine looking model...I plan on doing one with Harolds cockpit to see if that helps.... Texas
  11. Looking Good.....Some more excellant work on your part.... Texas
  12. Texas

    Trumpeter F/A-18F Super Hornet

    OH Thats really going to be a stand out bird....Looking Good Texas
  13. Texas

    Trumpeter AV-8B Harrier II Plus

    Even though not accurate OOB it would still be a good looking model but then it's what the model builder wants....I am personally am waiting to see if someone steps in and makes a resin set to at least cover most of the problems.....We have a start with the Aries sets..... Texas
  14. Texas

    Converting a F4J to F4B/N

    To bad Hasegawa doesn't do them like they did in 1/48 scale.....What a shocker that would be.... Texas
  15. Texas

    Kinetic F-86

    Looks Good.....You did a fine job on it.... Texas