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  1. In addition to the “N” wheels a correct “N” prop is needed unless there is a 1/32 AM set already out there. Vector did one in 1/48th, but I don’t think in 1/32.
  2. If nobody cared they wouldn't respond. I skip over posts I'm not interested in. As I've said before on this site (and others) we should all say what we want as long as it's within the prescribed rules. It's when people don't want to answer the question but instead imply someone's nuts to even try, even after they've begun the experiment. Looks like you answered your own question. Glad I helped you out.
  3. I'm sure John knows all that. He should do whatever he wants. Why should any of you care? Nobody does or should care. We do what we want or at least I do. The Topic was started by “askingâ€... which means that there is a high possibility that there will be a few responses especially in a forum. There's is going to probably be some that are liked or not liked. Maybe that's the answer to your question. That's mine anyways. I'm just interested in seeing how it turns out and all the things encountered to do it to one's satisfaction or as they “want to do†it.
  4. I think the “N†had 8 spokes instead of the 6 spokes in the previous versions without the hub covering.
  5. Also for the “N†I think the spokes on the wheels are different and unique for that version. I can check for sure, if so it would be nice to include that in the “N†set with the corrected prop.
  6. Yeppers. I have a few “unobtainablesâ€, but not enough to offset all of the others.
  7. Not to mention all of the books and research material. Which has got to be the worst resell value.
  8. I'm glad our fighter pilots in WW2 didn't follow your philosophy GrahamF. Things might have turned out a little different
  9. Tench


    Tamiya......I know this is highly unlikely, but please show us "mercy" and do a P-39
  10. How do you know they will release a P-47? Was it posted somewhere?
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