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  1. Thank you! Yes. That's the model I used here. This model is good enough in 1/32 scale, but you need to rescale it to your desired scale. The scale of the model described in the Cults is 1/72, but it's actually modeled in 1/6. For rescaling, I used "3D builder", a pre-installed application in Windows 10. The detail of the model is very delicate, so you need to use 4K level 3D printer. I asked my friend for printing. Good luck!
  2. @Greif8 Like you, I plan to build the plane that Baron rode in his last battle. That will be a part of three pairs of planes I am personally building as “the Last Battle series.” Last year I built the Albatros D.II (Richthohen) & Airco DH2 (Lanoe Hawker). This year, Fokker F.I (Werner Voss) & SE5a (James McCudden) Next year Fokker Dr.I (Richthohen) & Sopwith Camel (Arthur Roy Brown) Bron's red aircraft should be the final piece in this series. Just for your information: You can mention me like @sillymodeler, so that I can receive notification of your mention.
  3. @Greif8 I agree. The silver dope color is something delicate. We want it not too silver, not too gray. It’s basically 2x Alminium + 1x pale gray. This recipe is based on the instruction of the Wingnut Wings Pfalz D.IIIa I specifically used Mr. Metal color mc218 Alminium + Mr. Color 35 IJN GRAY. But I don't know the ratio I used actually, as it was decided by my feeling. You can adjust it to your preference!
  4. Great work! Baron's last plane is on my to-do list too!
  5. @europapete Thank you! I recently noticed that CSM's WWI Italian ace figure seems to be modeled after Barraca. I bought it and will paint it when it arrives!
  6. Hi All I completed this at the end of last year. This was my first CSM kit, and I found it excellent. Compared to Wingnut Wings, I think the mold is a little less sharp, but the reproduction of the internal structure is better than WNW. The fitting is perfect, although assembly is somewhat difficult due to the delicacy of the parts. The instructions are also very clear. The decals are based on the Italian top ace Francesco Baracca, which CSM sells separately. The horse is famous as it became the Ferrari emblem. This is my first time building a Nieuport, and I found I like the lightweight look. I hope you all enjoy it too.
  7. Hi All I completed building Werner Voss’s Fokker F.I. last month. The kit is from MENG (originally designed by Wingnut Wings), but the decals for Voss’s plane designed by the MENG is awful. So I used the Aviattic Werner Voss decal set for this build. The fuselage painting is also Aviattic’s overall decals. The fantastic figure is from the Model Cellar. The color scheme of Voss’s plane might be controversial, but I chose light blue as the base color because British ace James McCudden described the color of Voss’s F.I. as “silverly blue”. I also find the 3D model of Voss’s motorbike (Wanderer 1914). Voss is one of my favorite aces, so I'm happy I could build this bike with him. I hope you all enjoy it.
  8. Hi All I have built a P-47D Thunderbolt in 1/32 from Hasegawa. It is straight out of the box with an Eduard interior. My only challenge was to finish the fuselage with aluminum foil. Although it's not perfect, pasting foils was not as difficult as I expected. I have learned much from this build, so I think I can do it better next time. Finally, I just wanted to display both Japanese & American Thunderbolts (Raiden / 雷電). These two aircraft are my favorite WW2 fighters.
  9. @MARU5137Thank you. I did not post my WIP to largescaleplanes.com. But you can see my WIP in instagram. I'm grateful if you like it. https://www.instagram.com/sillymodeler/
  10. Thank you for all the kind comments! I added some additional photos of the build process. One idea I tried for painting the propeller is using a jig of stacked 0.5mm aluminum plates with a gap between them. It worked well to draw color boundaries.
  11. Hi everyone. I built Mitsubishi J2M2 Raiden prototype (Hasegawa 1/32) The color scheme is a bit unusual, but Japanese prototypes and training aircraft were painted this color. Although I do not often build WW2 aircraft, I built this kit because I am living near the former airfield where this plane was tested for development. Raiden (雷電) means thunderbolt, coincidentally, American and Japanese thunderbolts both look fat, and I like these looking. I look forward to building American thunderbolt as well in the future. I built this out of the box, just putting a lot of riveting on the fuselage. The fitting of parts is generally very good, and it’s easy to build. I hope you guys enjoy it.
  12. Hi everyone I completed this model about a month ago. Junkers J.I Wingnut Wings 1/32 This is one of the first groups of kits released by WNW, and it is already a great kit. Basically, I built this out of the box but just added a few details on the frame of the engine cowling and spark cables. As this was the first mass-produced metal aircraft, silver color was sprayed for the wings as a base color of chipping, and oxide red was used for the armored engine cowling as well. In addition, although it is not very visible, I attached aluminum film to the upper left wing and opened holes to reproduce bullet holes. This is a very big kit, so it was a bit difficult to take pictures, but I hope everyone enjoys it.
  13. Thank you all for all the endorsing comments. I am energized for my next project.
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