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  1. Hello All! Lock down DOES have benefits... I am doing as much modelling as my wife will allow... Firstly, my Magic Scale Modelling Set arrived, going to fully light her up and have the engines running. My 3D Printed Engines will be designed around the MSM Motors; Got the basic cockpit finished; The flares are 3D printed and the hydraulic hand pump is scratch built; The footplates are etch with recesses for the screwheads. The wood is HPH redwood decals Apologies for the brush hair I just clocked lying on top of the shelf! Thanks to Anthony who sent me photos of the rear bulkhead, it shows this was made up of a hardwood as averse to the ply on the floor. Hence the different brown abrasion colours.. The hydraulic systems are in place for; Gun Access & Bomb Doors Radiator Flap Actuators on the wings Hydraulic Actuators for the Engines I will complete the hydraulics when the fuselage goes together. The Valving is from the engines and spares box. All done in nickel and brass wire - 0.45 & 0.6 The Electrical Boxes and Hydraulic Doors Reservoir Tanks are 3D Printed (missing from the kit) Next? The Nose Guns... Thanks for looking. Cheers Steve
  2. Hi mate, Yes, let's do a little project on this and bring Anthony in on this too. Will send you a PM... Cheers Steve
  3. Hi Gerhard, I'm afraid not at present as they are my personally set and all the parts haven't been test fitted yet. I'd then have to go through the set and make a set of instructions etc. Then package etc. And all sorts. I will do it, but not until I've proofed all the bits etc. Sorry.
  4. Thanks for all the kind words everyone. Hi Captain Boogaloo! Thanks for the comments. Working on my second set of etching now and yes, the canopy is on my list, thinking of scratch building it. Intending to have both side windows open to improve the view into the cockpit... As soon as the everything opens here again, I am going to make a visit to the De Havilland Museum to research it... Would be lovely to have it mechanically fixed somehow so it can be removed to show off all that work that disappears into the shadows when you finish the thing off! Cheers Steve
  5. Hello all! 'Working from home' is just great... Got some more done on the old girl; My Photoetch arrived today and I am really impressed in terms of etching quality with what arrived; Got the set, both Nickel and Brass from https://ppdltd.com/ Great service too! So; Underside of the Cockpit Floor; The Bearing housings below are 3D Printed I found a Design Modification Schedule of August 1944 instructing the procedure of strengthening the Cannon Bearing Transverse Beams due to stresses in flight. I Replicated this procedure here with the bolted filament strips; More on the below as I progress but this is a copy of what I found in the De Havilland Museum. This includes 'feathering of the Armour Plating as it looks as though it was beaten flat from a roll of steel. There are 'poppers' on the leather chain in front of the stick to allow access to the Torque Bar underneath and I have replicated that here. Also blended in the part of the leather cover that allows the gun cables to disappear. I also 'quietened down' the contours of the leather cover as these kit mould is too sharp... The beginnings of the Bomb Bay; Now to the Pilot's Seat... Bit of a proportional issue here; The Seat Pan is thicker than the armour plating. The Armrests and arms are thinner than the seat pan The Seat Adjustment is thinner than all of it! So I decided to start from scratch pretty much; Thanks for looking! Cheers Steve
  6. Wolf! How the devil are you sir! Nice link to the subject! I was toying with doing one of the two 617 Squadron Mozzy's but lack of info scuppered me a bit. Then, reading up on 418, what those guys achieved without the aides that we would expect, like Radar!, was quite astonishing... Besides, the nose are it really cool I also like the appearance that NS850 was fairly beaten up. When in doubt, stick a dope strip over it!
  7. Wow, Anthony! I have just spent the last two hours reading your build thread!! If my Mozzy even comes close to yours, I will be a happy man... Stunning model sir. Thanks for the offer, there may be a couple of PM's coming your way...
  8. Thanks for the Anthony Thread! Helps a lot! Cheers Steve
  9. Thanks jenshb, Absolutely I will! Thinking about cutting the whole thing off and starting again...
  10. Firstly, I have stripped pretty much everything off the kit; I am opening up the kit with the Service Hatch & Dingy Going to show the Radiator and Cooling System; Thanks for looking!
  11. Apologies Wolf for stealing your Tagline... Also apologies for all that have followed my other posts, things have been fraught the past year or so, but, I have been busy... I have decided, to increase my modelling enjoyment, to take things to another level. A Good friend of mine, Mark is helping me and what you will see on this thread, will be available eventually... I have always loved the Mosquito (doesn't everybody?) and I love the 1/32 Tamiya Kit, especially with the fact that they push boundaries every time a new kit comes out. So why not make the Airfix Kit as every part as good as the Tamiya Kit? That is where it started... I am throwing everything at this kit; Made a very worthwhile visit to the De Havilland Museum to study the real thing; The Airfix FB.VI Kit of course Well, everything on Scalemates My own photoetch 3D Designed and printed Nose Guns with Master Barrels; 3D Designed and printed Belly Cannons with Master Barrels; 3D Designed and printed Starboard Engine Various other 3D Printed bit like the fuel tanks, more on that as I go... My subject is NS850 'Black Rufe' of 418 Squadron RCAF I am using the rather stunning Aviaeology 1/24 RCAF Mosquitos in Fighter Command Set. So all, to the build...
  12. Hi all, Latest picture; Now, I will be honest, this is 5 evenings of work and there are 20 parts here! Every part needs trimming to within an inch of their lives and they are soooo delicate. Worked it out and I reckon it is year long build if you dedicate all your evenings to it. This one is going to be a very long Project I think and I yern for good old polystyrene. So, this post/build is going to take long time and I will come back to this, maybe on Sunday afternoons when I feel I need to be punished Will keep up with it though,... Cheers Steve
  13. Hi Nichenson, Yeah, I know what you mean, although the rear landing gear lines up on mine, the top vision dome (hope I got that right) on mine is way off by about 2mm. It's clear to me that HPH take the big bits off somewhere and have them machined. If you mix up the fuselage halves after machining, the mix-match occurs. Close inspection of the windows shows that these are misaligned also, especially when the frames go in. I will put photos on soon... I am going to overcome mine with some photo-etch. If you want to PM me, I will see if I can help you. Cheers Steve
  14. Thanks all! Wow, that is quite the photos!!! I am going away for a bit on business then it's a million ribs to fit to the cargo area. Will post soon... Cheers Steve
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