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  1. Hi all, Latest picture; Now, I will be honest, this is 5 evenings of work and there are 20 parts here! Every part needs trimming to within an inch of their lives and they are soooo delicate. Worked it out and I reckon it is year long build if you dedicate all your evenings to it. This one is going to be a very long Project I think and I yern for good old polystyrene. So, this post/build is going to take long time and I will come back to this, maybe on Sunday afternoons when I feel I need to be punished Will keep up with it though,... Cheers Steve
  2. Hi Nichenson, Yeah, I know what you mean, although the rear landing gear lines up on mine, the top vision dome (hope I got that right) on mine is way off by about 2mm. It's clear to me that HPH take the big bits off somewhere and have them machined. If you mix up the fuselage halves after machining, the mix-match occurs. Close inspection of the windows shows that these are misaligned also, especially when the frames go in. I will put photos on soon... I am going to overcome mine with some photo-etch. If you want to PM me, I will see if I can help you. Cheers Steve
  3. Thanks all! Wow, that is quite the photos!!! I am going away for a bit on business then it's a million ribs to fit to the cargo area. Will post soon... Cheers Steve
  4. Hi All, As promised I have opened a new post for my now AC-47; Cheers Steve
  5. Hi all, Apologies for messing you about, those that were following my other 1/32 C-37 Thread. I also thank you for your comments of support! So I didn't move on to something else, just did loads of research and a fair amount of designing; So, after mush deliberation and horror at cutting up a very expensive kit, I bit the bullet and went for it... The Subject will be the following; AC-47D 43-49010 , 4th SOS (432 TRW), Udorn AB, 1967 The first thing I did was design the Photo-Etching I needed for the Project; Please note the Panel Seams, I will explain this later. Then, to the horrible bit; Thanks to Anthony in NZ for the hint on the Hamburger Door, it has made quite the difference. Has anyone got an idea for the steps on for this door? So, now onto decking out the cabin!!! Thanks for looking Steve
  6. Hello all, Bit of an update for you. I thought long n hard about progressing with this and I have decided to open up her port side. Unfortunately, I have had to go to HPH for a replacement port side as I found damage when I started working on it and the replacement will take a few weeks. I have also decided to change the subject after stumbling across a video while researching and I am going to make a Spooky Gunship out of her because; All planes should carry guns There was a lot of risk and etch modifications to fit the SCR-717 Radar I can weather the hell out of her So, while I research Spooky Gunships and await the new fuselage half, going to start on my Tomcat for, if anything else, the sanity of polystyrene plastic... I will start a new thread on the Gunship... Many thanks all for bearing with me. Cheers Steve
  7. Yes mate, thinking about that too. May get a wooden block sorted to form a new roof and take the quilting away as it wraps the whole fuselage...
  8. Oh believe me, I researched it! However, it's not till you get it on the bench you see the issue propper, I knew for £700 I was buying something special! Does not mean I am going to give up, just got a far bigger challenge. I will wait to see what HPH say. As I said, the fundamental difference here is the fact that the Sound Proof Quilting is so integral to the kit. But.. I am going to have a play; I have an idea to open the entire port side from the Cockpit Bulkhead to the Cargo Door, just leaving the centre 'Emergency' Window Intact. Will let you know... In the meantime, the Cat's coming out; I can carve that one up... Cheers Steve
  9. Hello all, Need to be open and honest here people. This kit is a conundrum. The Navigator and Engineers Bulkhead Sections are incredibly detailed; Now, you can see that the sound proof quilting has been built into the structure of the kit and there are two very detailed bulkheads. Trouble is, with only one top sky-dome you simply will not see any of this stuff! I have thought about lighting it but I think with the interior green finish, that will not help all that much. So, apart from this thread as a record, what is the point? Yeah, I know, I know it's there but its is making a very expensive kit this internal detail and I feel somewhat perplexed over what to do. I can't cut the fuselage either because of the quilting. This is a museum quality display piece and 20% of it you cannot see. I have mailed HPH over this in case I have missed a trick and I have also asked if I can pay for the starboard side in clear resin to give me a fighting chance. Would love your comments on this guys, feeling a bit deflated. Now the PBY is winking at me...
  10. Do you what? They pretty much do! I can see some work around the Wing Roots maybe but there is no sign of warping or distortion, its like a sculpture! Now it's time to get the Marigold Gloves out, got some serious washing of parts to do!!!
  11. Bugger, gonna need a bigger workbench... Might take a window out when I do the PBY. The fit, as you would expect is exceptional & everything fuselage wise is pre trimmed. Thanks for comments all. Cheers Steve
  12. Hello all, I must confess to being a bit of a HPH Models Groupie. Iv'e got five of their kits and pre-ordered this few months back; It is simply stunning!!! It cements, in my opinion, why HPH are the best model 'artists' in the world... It's up there with the PBY which is my next project; I simply had to have a go at this one first! Here's what you get when you take off the sleeve and open the box; Here's a sneak preview of the size; I of course, had to purchase the Landing Flaps which are sold separately; Now, to the subject (which I have the support from HPH Models for); I am going to get unique decals produced for this project and will update you on what I did of course. From the that's all brother.org website; Nearly 75 years ago, on June 6, 1944, That’s All, Brother carried the first of the paratroopers from the 101st and 82nd Airborne divisions. Piloted by Lt. Col John Donalson, the plane led over 800 C-47s that dropped over 13,000 paratroopers into a battle that changed the course of mankind. After serving on D-Day, and in Operations Market Garden, Repulse, and Varsity, the airplane returned to the United States and was sold to the civilian market in 1945. During the course of many owners over the next several decades, the historical significance of the airplane was lost and it was eventually sold to be scrapped. Fortunately, two historians from the United States Air Force discovered that this historic airplane was lying in a boneyard in Wisconsin. The Commemorative Air Force was able to acquire the airplane, and through a large group of donors and volunteers, restore the airplane to flying status. So all, there you have it, now to get all the stuff out and get going!!! Thanks for looking. Cheers Steve
  13. Hi All, With regret, this Project is not to be. My friend passed away recently and in a mark of respect and to raise funds for his family, the kit went to a good home. Apologies all who were looking forward to this thread. Going to try and get my mojo back in the next few weeks on something a bit more simple. Cheers everyone for posting. Steve
  14. So, here we go again... Those who may have been following my P-61A Thread may have seen my last post regarding a special build for a special friend. We discussed everything; F4U-2's, Spits, even Airacobra's. Imagine my surprise, not at the fact that he said he had found a kit and wouldn't tell me what it was but when he manhandled this thing through the front door... Mark has seen my work on the P-61 and wanted his own Night Ops Aircraft, hence the chats so of course, this one has to be a Black Cat... Anyhoo, a dry fit of the Girl. My God this thing is huge! The Cutting Mat is A2... Talking of cutting, I fancy opening up the Port Side a bit to show some internals, honestly, I cannot believe the detail of this thing... So here we go then... Cheers Steve
  15. Thank you all for your kind words. Really appreciate it. Some news however, I have to shelve this one for a bit. A friend of mine and fellow enthusiast has been taken ill and has asked me to build him the P-51D 'Big Beautiful Doll' Something I cannot refuse. So this is not the end of this thread, just an interval, will post the P-51!!! Cheers Steve
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